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07|26|2007 12:23 am EDT

Sales Alert: 15 High Quality Generic Domains – Auction ending today

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales Alert

As mentioned before, GreatDomains is conducting there first premium domain auction. The list of domains for sale includes 82 domains.  Internet Landrush is auctioning off 15  of these premium domains with high organic traffic and strong revenue potential. The auctions at will end on July 26th, 2007. Current bids on the Internet Landrush domains and the reserve prices of all 15 domains are listed below. Bolded prices indicate that the bid has met the reserve and the domains will sell.

  1. – reserve $100k, current bid $40,000
  2. – reserve $25k, current bid $10,500
  3. – reserve $15k, current bid $5,000
  4. – reserve $50k, current bid $50,000
  5. – reserve $25k, current bid $18,000
  6. – reserve $25k, current bid $8,000
  7. – reserve $15k, current bid $5,000
  8. – reserve $20k, $5,800
  9. – reserve $30k, current bid $12,000
  10. – reserve $20k, current bid $31,000
  11. – reserve $20k, current bid $23,500
  12. – reserve $15k, current bid $10,000
  13. – reserve $25k, current bid $7,777
  14. – reserve $20k, current bid $5,000
  15. – reserve $50k, current bid $12,502


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July 27, 2007 @ 10:57 am EDT


Some good domains.

I still think the domain industry is getting a bit ahaed of its self in some respects…more money and time needs to be put into public,company education on domain names and the industry its self. It great to have all these domain auctions now…good deals for some domains. But I think the Thge The Domain industry as whole will and would be better off having domain name conferances etc…without domain auctions specficlly design to educate the ‘enduser’ that will/would be buying domains 1-5 years from now. This way the domain auctions of the future would have many times more ‘end users’ bidding at domain auctions, resulting much higher prices for these assets.


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