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08|05|2007 10:00 pm EDT

$682k in Domain Sales at Internext Adult Domain Auction

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Sales, Events

internextThe Moniker live domain auction at the Internext Adult Conference concluded yesterday with $682,225 worth of domains sold. A total of 57 domains of the 257 domains were sold with the highest domain fetching $135,000. Sixteen of the domains (roughly 30%) were sold for under $1000.

By the chatter that I heard pre-auction, Moniker had expected to do over $3m at this auction. The first Internext auction in Vegas brought in over $1.9m at the live event and an additional $200k at the silent auction. Obviously the expectations were high and I would imagine these results are a little disappointing.

I caught the live broadcast about mid-way through the auction and listened to about a hundred or so of the domains being sold. It seemed to be another fast moving auction with many of the domains being passed (200 to be exact) with little or no bidding at all. Moniker uses the same auctioneer, Joel Langbaum, at most of these events and by some of his commentary during the auction this event seemed reminiscent of the recent Affiliate Summit Domain Auction , although that auction pulled in a paltry $256,000 from 40 domains sold in the live auction and roughly $420,000 sold at the silent auction.
By the reports I have heard through the grapevine, the event had a fairly small crowd as well. . . roughly 30-40 people (this is second hand info) . A 1pm start could be a contributing factor. If you know anything about adult webmasters (or webmasters in general) and conventions, the nights are long and often the days don’t even begin until 1pm. The Las Vegas Internext domain auction in January started a little later in the day, and from what I’ve been told, that auction had a higher attendance than this year’s event.

The second half of the Internext domain auction event is the silent auction which has already started and is scheduled to end Thursday, August 9th. There are roughly 1900 domains up on the silent auction list which can be downloaded in excel format Monikers site.


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August 6, 2007 @ 12:12 pm EDT

Hi Adam,

This is off the subbect of this post. As you know from time to time I have domain news that may be helpful to your readers. I have sent in a couple at admin at domainnamenews dot com…with no response. just in case you did not receive it….heres a couple recent storys, you may or may not want to use.

ICANN’s New Monthly Magazine: (new)

Domain names dominate Internet real estate (Article),0,7385919.story


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