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03|18|2009 12:06 pm EDT Sold For $1.7 Million

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Sales

As previously reported by DNN, the domain name was suspected to have been sold at the beginning of the month for $2.5 million.  DNN just received official confirmation from Rick Weinberg, Real Estate Disposition Corporation’s (REDC) Communications Director,  that the domain name was purchased by the company for $1.7 million.

“I’ve wanted this domain for years and I’m thrilled that we were able to acquire this coveted top level domain,” company Chairman Robert Friedman said. “REDC is without question the number one real estate auctioneer in America and quite likely the world. This is a domain we should have had from the beginning and I’m thrilled we are finally”

REDC’s consumer website for lender foreclosed home auctions, until now, has been at the less desirable domain The company is in the process of making the conversion to using exclusively. “Only REDC, with our large marketing campaigns, can maximize the benefit of this domain,” Friedman adds.

The sale of puts the domain in the #2 position for highest domain name sales for 2009.

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  • Shane

    Great rationale for this purchase. You can see why it was worth so much to them.

  • Gary Taylor

    A great domain for a nice price, it seems as though the global recession (ooh I hate using that term) has had some effect on domain sales prices. Do we know how much it was originally bought for by the previous owner or what kind of return they got from it?

    Nonetheless the start to 2009 has been strong so far with a good collection of 6 and 7 figure domain name sales so far. Hopefully it will continue to get stronger.

  • Borat

    I wonder how much that makes worth.

  • GenericDomainMarket

    Great sale.

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  • Max

    I’ve just seen a very interesting domain on ebay. The name is
    It is quite cheap and memorable. I bet even Bill Gaits will be glad to own it :).

  • Frank Michlick

    Who is Bill Gaits?

    I only know of Bill Gates. Plus, I don’t think it’s appropriate to try to promote your domain auctions by comment spamming.


    I wonder if they will be able to recover that much from online business. They would’ve been better off with buying lol, my point of view I reckon..

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