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09|23|2009 10:21 am EDT

Iowa Investors Purchase For $405,000

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

A group of Iowa investors have big plans for, so big that they were willing to shell out $405,000 for the premium domain name.

“Our goal is to be the number one shopping destination online for area rugs,” said Randy Ward, CEO and President of “We feel we have assembled a great team to accomplish that.”

The newly purchased website has been set up as an informational hub for consumers to learn more about area rugs and the industry. However, the team is planning to have a custom-built e-commerce store launched in the future – offering some of the best prices for a wide selection of area rugs to suit any buyer’s needs.

“It is very rare to have the opportunity to buy a premium ‘.com’ domain name in a proven online consumer category,” explained Lee Weber, Head of Marketing for “In economic times like this you have to think outside the box for ways to get the most out of money and our investors feel that we should have no problem getting a decent, if not exceptional, return out of this investment.”

Lee also told DNN: “I have a background in SEO and ecommerce and have partnered with the largest floor covering dealer in my state for this venture.  We had researched the keyword ‘Area Rugs’ and we feel it has very strong estimated traffic number and earning potential.  We also feel that there is no better springboard for an ecommerce store then to have the the .com exact match domain name.

We approached him [the previous owner] with an offer, and he was currently not aggressively promoting the site, and in this slow economic time he felt the offer was too good to pass up.”

The sale price has been verified by the previous owner, Designer Resources of Dallas, Texas.

[via PR Web]

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