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06|02|2008 04:55 am EDT [does not sell] for $5.88 million USD

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

As already reported in our Up To The Minute column, this sale did not take place, the domain is still for sale.

According to Haaretz, the domain name “” that was up for sale in the Moniker auction at the recent Targeted TRAFFIC show in Orlando has been sold for $5.88 million USD over the weekend. The originally announced starting price for the auction was $5,5 million USD. While Paz Weissman, who reports for Haaretz, describes the current parked page displayed on the domain name as “a generic Website providing general and tourist information about Israel and its heritage“, he does not state his source for the information about the sale.

[via Haaretz]

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June 2, 2008 @ 7:43 am EDT

WOW! If true…

David J Castello

June 2, 2008 @ 12:06 pm EDT

The story is not true. Will be interesting to hear where heard this. They’re usually pretty accurate in their reporting. Somebody slipped up on their fact checking.

Raffaele Della Peruta

June 2, 2008 @ 12:18 pm EDT

What did it end up selling for? What facts are incorrect?

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