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10|14|2007 01:22 am EDT

.Mobi Sales Heat up again at TRAFFIC Domain Auction

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions, Domain Sales, Events

The live domain name auction at the TRAFFIC conference sparked a seemingly renewed interest in .mobi domains. There were 13 .mobi domains at auction and all 13 domains sold. Many of these domains were priced with a $1 starting price which spaked multiple bidders and rocketed up the prices. Several unfamiliar faces were seen bidding. However, some very familiar faces including Xavier Buck from Eurodns, reps from, Jakob Knightley from and reps from were active in the bidding. The thirteen  .mobi domains reached nearly $650,000 in sales

I tried spotting all the bidders during the auction, but I was only able to get a visual confirmation on some. If my eyesight and notes from the event are 100% correct, some of the top bidders on the .mobi domains were : – $150,000 – – $145,000 – NameDrive – $50,000 – Xavier Buck – $25,000 – Tidewinds

The other domains were sold for the following amounts = $110,000 – Phone-in bidder – $33,000 – $32,500 – $17,500 – $12,500 – $8,000 – $8,000 – $3000




October 14, 2007 @ 4:06 am EDT

Hi Adam,

Thanks for a nice recap of the .mobi sales.

If .mobi ends up flying high…than I would say that this purchase…may end up as the best deal. – $17,500


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October 14, 2007 @ 5:27 pm EDT


But I also think owning the .mobi domain (cab) might be as good or better.


Jackson D

October 16, 2007 @ 7:16 pm EDT

Could not agree more with you on the Anyone who owns anything that spells out a name like that will earn thousands on their domain name…Cab, Loan, Cash, Taxi, Eat, Much eaiser to do and very limited on what they spell out. Talk about ahead of the game…

Jackson D

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