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12|03|2008 12:56 am EDT

Sedo weekly sales up to December 1

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

On November 17 I was surprised to see only one Sedo sale above $15,000 – this week there was only one above $10,000! Aside from selling for $37,950 USD and ten .mobi domains selling for over $1,000, nothing really stood out. It got me wondering, with so many things going on last week – the slowing economy, US Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas shopping, etc – what really caused the poor week for Sedo sales? Is it that…

  1. Domainers are holding onto their best domains as it is not a great marketplace to sell in?
  2. Buyers aren’t willing to pay the same prices as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing?
  3. Domains don’t make great holiday gifts?
  4. Domainers were so busy hunting down deals on Black Friday that they completely forgot about Sedo?
  5. Or combination of the above…

Or perhaps none of the above? It was only one week, right? If you have a theory, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

Regardless of the reason, Sedo probably isn’t too worried since they have a massive numeric domain auction going on! Click through to see the full list of Sedo sales…

Domain Price Translation/Other Type
.COM 7,301 USD GreatDomains 5,300 EUR 5,100 USD 4,200 USD 4,000 EUR 3,500 EUR 3,100 USD
sprü 3,000 EUR “Proverbs” in German 2,800 USD 2,750 USD 2,500 EUR 2,100 EUR 2,000 USD
ccTLDs 37,950 USD 6,000 EUR 4,860 EUR “scent” in Dutch 3,601 EUR 3,500 GBP 2,500 EUR 2,000 USD 1,750 EUR 1,750 USD 1,750 EUR 1,731 EUR website 1,700 EUR 1,488 EUR “Steps” in Spanish 1,250 EUR 1,250 EUR “move” in Dutch(?) 1,200 GBP 1,150 EUR “South African Vacation” in Dutch 1,050 EUR 1,000 EUR “Top Domain” in Dutch 1,000 EUR 950 EUR “Gestational Diabetes” in German 900 EUR 900 GBP 800 USD 800 EUR 700 EUR
Other 5,099 USD 3,900 USD 3,351 USD “Classifieds” in Spanish 2,500 USD 2,105 USD 2,051 EUR 1,785 EUR “Yellow Pages” in German 1,610 USD 1,600 GBP 1,550 USD 1,549 USD 1,420 USD 1,300 USD 1,300 EUR 1,253 USD 1,250 USD 1,200 EUR “Pediatrician” in German 1,150 USD 1,100 USD 1,010 USD 815 USD GreatDomains

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December 3, 2008 @ 5:01 am EDT

It’s all of the reasons listed above. End of the year usually means more buyers looking to spend $$$ for tax write offs and other purposes but really the domain aftermarket is struggling as all of the “decent” 2 word keyword domains that are currently priced in the low-mid $x,xxx range are overpriced and will only sell once the prices are slashed 2-3x… The good times are over, boys… 2009 is going to suck. This summer was hot… This winter will be pretty miserable and December will officially kick it off that is my prediction…although I am sure sellers will continue pumping some good names up for grabs but whether they sell at current valuations is a whole different story.



December 3, 2008 @ 1:16 pm EDT

Those are some awesome prices for those domains.
I think prices will go up starting January.


December 3, 2008 @ 2:44 pm EDT

Owning a portfolio of thousands of high quality domain names I can attest to reason #1. Last summer I pulled my domains from all auctions as I am not willing to let them go below a certain price.

The value a good domain name can generate (traffic, brand, seo advantage, usablity) doesn’t justify letting them go at low dollars especially since they are in short supply. I’m in a position where I can develop them and make more money that way.

If you really look close at the last few auctions of SEDO, Moniker, Snapnames etc. you’ll see a lot of domain names that wouldn’t even make it in my top 98% of domain names.

I usually say if I wouldn’t shell out at least $500.00 to buy them then anything they sell for above that tells me the market is still healthy. With such a dwindling supply of good domain names on auctions these days another reason would be… less people attend/participate in these auctions.

Auctions should start considering ‘domain packages’ -> Groups/Collections of domain names representing the same thing. If I own and, and would I want to sell just one of them seperately? Not really. So If I wanted to sell the whole package where would I go to do this?

Would this auction be of more interest to a newspaper giant than an auction for (Decent domain name but not what the other collection could produce?) on one of the current auctions? I think so.

Why is this important? Simply because, more and more people are collecting/consolidating domain packages to create power and prevent traffic leakage.

That’s my 2 cents.


December 3, 2008 @ 2:48 pm EDT

To further on my comments.

Quality domain names and the early release of the domain list to be sold, are the best buzzzzz an auction can have. Without that you can continue to see low participation and price rates.

December 3, 2008 @ 5:24 pm EDT

Ron, good points and I like how you think ;)

All the best,

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