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03|31|2011 04:17 pm EDT

Swing For The Fences

by M. Fiol in Categories: Domain Sales

In the annals of baseball terminology, the phrase ‘sweet spot’ refers to an area on the bat roughly three inches in diameter.

If ball meets bat at that precise location and at the right moment – POW! The result is a perfect transfer of energy: from your legs through your hands, into the bat and then ball.

For ballplayers, the feeling is almost indescribable, like lifting a car without the effort. Feels so smooth and perfect, perhaps defining ‘perfection’ in the physics of life.

Yet the term and even the analogy suit the domain industry, and business overall, to a tee. A baseball tee, that is.

Domain Sweet Spot Du Jour
For that is what we do. We look for the sweet spot, swinging daily, failing often but occasionally ball and bat meet and the result is awesome to behold.

So what is the current ‘sweet spot’ in domains?

All signs point to ‘brandable generics’ as being the current patch where, if timed well, you can hit one out of the park. Porque, you say? A few reasons…

1.,,,… could not be a better example of a brandable generic – for the potential buying pool is massive, perhaps global, and that is part of the equation. A name like this makes the sweet spot that much bigger. Imagine using a fat kid’s bat as opposed to a toothpick.

2. Offers
I wrote and published a piece here on DNN several years ago extolling the virtues of these types of names and the future need for them, while everyone else was falling over themselves to bid on names like and

Point is I have always taken my own advice and the result was I was able to purchase some very nice one word brandables in the process.

And now those names have witnessed a dramatic rise in the last 12 months not in quantity but in offer quality. Names that used to get an occasional $500 offer now get the occasional $10,000 offer. Dramatic, no?

From an owner’s perspective it is because it signals a tectonic shift in the fundamental perceptions of buyers. In other words, paying large sums for domains is far less an obstacle for end-users than it once was. It is, perhaps, finally, accepted.

3. Inventory
Take a look around and you might find a real dearth of these types of domains on the market. In DM3,, and are the rare ones this time and not the other way around.

Truth is domainers are holding these names for end-user sales whereas in the past they sold them cheap or let them expire in favor of keeping

Your Sweet Spot
I once hit a baseball so far it went over the street and hit a casual pedestrian walking the sidewalk on the other side – some 400+ feet away.

It felt incredible (not the hitting a pedestrian part), seemingly and totally effortless. The second I hit it, I knew it was long gone.

And that’s the key in domaining – find your sweet spot, swing hard and true.

Sure, you will strikeout, probably a lot, but every so once in awhile, you may grab that bat and crush one – knowing full well you hit the sweet spot and hit it good.

For domains, and for the moment, that sweetness might be in brandable generics.

So in this case, maybe, do as I do and set yourself up with a hitter’s count.

Then wait for that fat pitch to come floating in and take a big cut, noting you have only 3 inches of wiggle room between a home run and a weak grounder to third.

So you might as well, as they say, swing for the fences.


– M.Fiol is a long-time domainer and runs and the upcoming

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