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08|14|2007 07:09 pm EDT

Domain RoundTable panel on web2.0 and development

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Development, Editorial, Events

Earlier today I was on a panel at Domain RoundTable in Seattle about web2.0 and domain development together with Joe Davison from (who was kind enough to step up to the moderator plate when our moderator did not show) and Stuart Wood of (Salient Properties). I was pleasantly surprised with the good attendance at this 9:45am session, considering it was the night after the TrafficZ party.

One topic covered in the session was using web2.0 site building tools that allow you to develop your website in a somewhat expedited fashion. Joe pointed out that when using these tools, it is important to pay attention to the terms & contracts in order to see, who owns the users. You will need to plan for what happens when you outgrow the pre-built application and want to take your site to the next level. Joe also mentioned an article at TechCrunch that covers the different social network building tools available. The article covers Ning, KickApps, CrowdVine, GoingOn, CollectiveX,, PeopleAggregator, Haystack and ONEsite and features a great matrix comparing all the different services.

While there are better tools available, development is not easy. Ultimately it’s not about building a site, it’s about building a business, like Darren Cleveland, CEO of Recall Media Group points out on Sahar Sarid’s blog. However there are different stages to development, and sometimes it has to be approached step by step. You start by identifying the need of the users. As Stuart pointed out, by building the site step by step, you are able to gauge user feedback and traffic patterns in order to expand on popular topics.

The last item I’d like to touch on is the potential uptake, which can be very rewarding. You can generally first expect a drop in revenue when adding content, since the content distracts from the ads. Once a site is developed, you will see more and more return visitors. In mid 2006, Marchex bought a service review company called OpenList and proceeded to integrate the review content in 29 of their domain properties. After just three months, they saw an increase in pageviews of more than 300% and a revenue increase by 90%. Most of the additional traffic originated from search engines. [Source: Marchex Provides September 2006 Data from Beta Launch of Local and Vertical Web Sites]

This also is the reason that my company is active in this space, since we think that our product review content can be very valuable to domain name owners.



August 14, 2007 @ 10:26 pm EDT

Thanks Frank for keeping us up to date with the conference, I am oversee at the moment but I like that I am able to watch some events via Live Video, Good work guys
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August 14, 2007 @ 11:34 pm EDT


This is all well and good.


Web 2.0…is going to be so OLD school…faster than you can build it.

“Web 2.0″…should have been out 3-5 years ago…and now all of a sudden its “a big deal”?

There is way to big of a “disconnect” between SEO’ers and Domainers…its not even funny.

YES…people will make a LOT of money with Web 2.0 YES..and YES you will “think” its a BIG step up…from just “parking page”.

But if you think “web 2.0″…Is anywere near being “forward thinking”…your sadly mistaken.



August 16, 2007 @ 4:11 pm EDT

Sorry AhmedF…

“Thats is about as specific as I can get right now”…end quote…LOL

But there is enough “meat” in my first post…to suggest you should maybe consider the future of internet search, web 2.0, and domain asset monetization from all angles and maybe not just from one angle everyone in the domain industry is all of sudden pushing…

I think web 2.0…is and will be quite successful…I am simply saying it may not be the “end all” app for monetizing domain assests…thats all.

If SEO’ers and SEM’ers and “Domainers” had a better relationship over the past five years…this web 2.0 for domain monetization would have been implemented a couple years ago…instead of being a big deal to some…right now.



August 16, 2007 @ 5:59 pm EDT

“”The SEO world has had no interest in domains””

My point exactly. Don’t you find this rather odd?

Domain names control the whole internet…without them you could not find a thing on the internet.

The Multi Billion dollar SEO business…is built on the huge lie that internet search today (to be effective)… has to be done how Google, Yahoo, MSM says it has to be done…why?

And if you think somehow the “evolement” of Parking services is now or is going to be the best way to moneitize domain assets…I would say this view may end up being a little short sided. Not short sided on the parking services part…short sided on domain asset holders part.

Somehow everyone seems to forget: Internet search engines and domain parking services NEED you much more… than you need them…(*maybe currently this is backwards…but not in the very near future)



August 16, 2007 @ 8:03 pm EDT

Well if you disagree with me 100%..Than I will make this my last post in this thread. I always have people disagree with…not 100%…maybe 99.9%..LOL

“”First off, proof that SEO is a multi billion dollar business.””

Proof… Google only makes 0ver $3 biliion every 3 months…which 80+ % comes from websites with “adsense” or from ads in its search engine. People have not been spending peanuts on getting websites in the top three spots on all the major search engines the last 10 years or so.

BTW: my only real point here was and is…this industry was only created, because internet search companies have set up their own very arbitrary rules for internet search.

If you take away almost ALL these ‘arbitrary’ search engine rules…than that leaves the SEO business were?… I am not sure were…but a lot less important than its today.


“”Secondly – Yahoo and Google are who make parking possible. You don’t have to like them. You don’t have to like their search system. But they have the ad network (and MSN has no intention of playing with you guys at all).””

Your right…but again all I am saying is…google and yahoo are not making this possible for domain owners benefits…they make it possible for their benefit ONLY…and this “relationship” is way out of wack…no matter if you think your getting a 85% to their 15% split….even if this was true…why are you only accepting 85% from them? because they currently have the network of traffic for this? (true)…not much of a reason to keep on following something blidly… for the next 20 years…beacuse someone had a good Idea 10 years ago, and then set a bunch of arbitrary rules for you to follow.


“””Google and Yahoo make 10-15% of their revenue from dommainers”””

Why should they make a penny from domain asset holders property? They don’t own the domains. I know they are the only game in town today…but that does not mean a radical change, is and won’t take place.


“”The power in the relationship is in plain sight.”””

I AGREE 1000% percent.

It just is… this relationship…is like having a “Brother…who is also your Uncle”

Not the kind of ‘relationship’ I want to have. And since this kind of ‘relationship’ is not a good one two have in the first place…It needs to change…and it will change….I just think someone other than me has to recognize this…which some do.

Its amzing to me how many people…just love to be ‘subservient’ to one company or more on the internet…because they say you have to be.

The Internet is the only free place left here on earth…

“Rules…there are no stinking rules” ( at least rules you have to follow…set arbitrary by someone else…like Google, Yahoo and whom ever else )

Ever heard of this: “he who makes the rules WINS”?

This is very true…and Google and Yahoo made the rules (so far)…and they are winning.

But sense this all resides on the FREE internet were the only real rules that should be followed are the rules set by domain owners….why?

Domain name assets control the whole internet…not Google or Yahoo…

Once a few smart people (domainers, seo experts, sem experts) understand this…The control & power of the internet will radically change from…Search engine companies (who have stolen this power…really not stolen…but taken the power, because domain owners let them take it) back to were its always belonged…to domain name asset holders.


Adam Strong

August 16, 2007 @ 9:28 pm EDT

“””Google and Yahoo make 10-15% of their revenue from dommainers”””

“Why should they make a penny from domain asset holders property? They don’t own the domains. I know they are the only game in town today…but that does not mean a radical change, is and won’t take place.”

They make their cut because of the services they provide to the advertiser, the connections they provide to the advertiser, the technology they provide, etc. All a domainer has to do is flick a switch, someone has to do the work to get the customers billed, find the customers, develop the relationships, screen the fraud, track the clicks, etc etc. If it’s soooooooo easy to do why has no company stepped up to the plate. 100s of millions put into the domain industry in the last few years and no one is stepping up to the plate to take on that task.


August 16, 2007 @ 11:45 pm EDT


I am not retarded… Challenged a bit…yes…LOL

I undersatand this(your point)…and what I am telling you…Its 100% backwords….its reality (right now)Been looking and watching and “in the game” for a long time.

“””If it’s soooooooo easy to do why has no company stepped up to the plate. 100s of millions put into the domain industry in the last few years and no one is stepping up to the plate to take on that task.”””

I did not say it is/would be easy…nothing in life worth doing is.

Did I say… is/would be easy? Please point this out to me. Hard…yes…but easier than you would think.

All I have been saying IS, before you get all settle in for the next 20+ years…Bowing down to Google ever day or a parking company….Think why…when I hold all the cards…I am the one bending over?

Think what that means… And think as a owner of domain assets…WHY!

Thats all…

Is/will not be easy to change…but its going to change…just do not want to see people “think” they are on the “leading edge”…when the fact is they are just Googles ‘bitch’…without any concept of what, why and how… the internet should be navigated.

If you had a normal “asset” worth $1 million…you would not pay a 15%-30% fee to someone else that is going to help or show how you to make money with it…WHEN YOU DO NOT NEED THEM…would you?

Hey, GOD BLESS YOU…If you want to be an “affiliate” of Googles for the next 20+ years….you will Make all kinds of money…have a great time…nothing wrong with it.

BUT at the end of the day…your just an “affiliate” of another company…And the whole time..They should have been YOUR affiliate.



August 17, 2007 @ 12:15 am EDT

“”100s of millions put into the domain industry in the last few years and no one is stepping up to the plate to take on that task.””


Now we seem to be getting somewere.


Why invest 100’s of miilions of dollars into assets that comtrol the whole internet…and then give that same control over to someone else for FREE and then let them set a bunch of rules…severlly limiting the value of your assets…and PAY them for doing this to you?

If you control the assets that control the Internet…why give that control over to Google?

Because they had a good idea 10 years ago?

Internet navagation…does NOT have to be what it is today…because Google or someone else says…thats how it is. And its not going to be this way in the future. Because people are just to smart to be Googles and Yahoos bitch for the next 20+ years.


Adam Strong

August 17, 2007 @ 12:21 am EDT

Why do we “give them control” of there share of the revenue ? There’s no control being relinquished. If you meant “why do we give them a cut”.
I listed them already . Customers, technology, service, etc. That is a job and part of the relationship that most domainers don’t want to and literally can’t take on themselves.
They took 10 years to build what they have. You can’t unseat that overnight. What they have and provide as a service to the domain owner is worth the cut they get. If it wasn’t then the bigger players would walk away or create their own solution, as I eluded to already.


August 17, 2007 @ 12:29 am EDT

Adam…Not going to argue with you…

Nothing wrong with the current system….If you think your getting a fair shake. If you think your getting a fair shake or better than a fair shake…”Rock On”.

You will do just fine and nothing wrong with followiing rules set by someome esle.


“””They took 10 years to build what they have. You can’t unseat that overnight.”””

Again Adam,

Some how you keep reading “easy” and “overnight” into everything I post…which I have never posted. Your distoring…my point(s)


Adam Strong

August 17, 2007 @ 12:57 am EDT

Thanks Dan. we can agree to disagree I guess.
I’m not reading in to your posts really I promise :) Why stop at bashing google, yahoo though . What about all the ppc provider guys too?
I was investing in domains before there was a google or a yahoo revenue program or any of the number of other ppc middlemen to bash.
I tend to like what they bring to the table at the moment . :)


August 17, 2007 @ 6:24 am EDT


Everyone is fair game to me…

You and a lot of domain folks…are making 1000+ times more than I am…right now. ( no worries from me) . Like I said…I am close to being “retarded”…Not quite there yet…I am not making a “joke” about this ( I have a disabled brother I take care of…and maybe we are both headed for the scap heap)…Just suggesting…you think “outside the bun” (JBOX)

You know I am a BIG “FS” fan…He is starting to go to the web 2.0 thing…and his kids……kids… are going to enjoy the “fruits of his labor…even if he just keeps doing what he is doing. ( parking..before Web 2.0) He has no worrys…

Which, if you know me….”FS” is a millions of light years away from anything I could accomplished on my own. (right now)

But… instead of just “living” IN the Cayman Islands…he could own the whole F%^%&ing Island…YEA the whole…&&^%$$ Place!]

It just takes a little “abstact” thought”…not even “abstract”…It just takes a “little refection” on the industry.

No reason for you or “FS” to even acknowledge my post.

I am not a smartest person in a ” 12 by 12″ FOOT CELL…

And to “over-throw” Google 100% is never going to happen. (you can make living for a life time with Google)


If you…”over throw’ Google… 3% – 40%… just from be an idea…. it might be an OK idea. ( Talking BILLION’s)

Realistically…DOMAIN OWNERS within three years…you/we could be the # 2 Internet navigation property in the world…within 3-4 years…be the #1 Internet property in the world…and to do so…would be pretty cheap…not “Easy” over “overnight”…but what I think I or someone else could do in four years (regaring internet serach)…crush Google. ( and I am not one too “over-state” THINGS)

CRUSH!…Oh but it’s Google and that would/could/should not happen…it will happen…do to the FACT that the Internet is still FREE….you can do .,..and make up any mother F*&^%ing rules you want.

GOD BLESS AMERICA!…More Importantly…MAY THE PEOPLE OF THE USA…BLESS GOD!.. BECAUSE …He has already bless us…more than we ever DESERVE.

But I “digress”…

But thats OK… In case you have not look lately…Interrnet search…IS JUST A STEPPPING STONE FOR GOOGLE.

They want to be the next coming of…MS…They do not give a ‘fuck ‘who is going take them down as Internet Search king…they just want enought time…to turn themself into a “microsoft”…a software company…BEFORE YOU DECIDE YOU DON’T NEED THEM ANY MORE.

ALL I am saying is…lets head the off at the pass…you have seen a western movie before?

What I need you to “think about” is..,

The Internet is just like….Insurance and Banks…BEFORE…any type of “regulations”

Think about it…Insurance….was a “racket” (extortion) before…any laws.

Think about it… Banking….was….Called “Loan Sharking”…before any laws.


I am just saying…while there’s no laws and nothing to prevent a couple of people….CHANGING THE “MONTHER FUC&^*ING game.

WHY NOT CHANGE THE RULES? Whose going to stop…. The #1 controller of the Internet….DOMAIN OWNERS???????????

That’s my point….and it’s about 25 – 50 BILLION dollars a year POINT I am trying to make. (it’s actually more…I just did want to scare off anyone in this thread…by over stating anything…lOL )



August 17, 2007 @ 6:39 am EDT

“”I’m not reading in to your posts really I promise :) Why stop at bashing google, yahoo though . What about all the ppc provider guys too? I was investing in domains before there was a google or a yahoo revenue program or any of the number of other ppc middlemen to bash. I tend to like what they bring to the table at the moment”

Adam… ROCK ON!

Now you have me “Bashing” people or companies.

And you have/had me saying that my point(s) or view would be “easy” and would happen “overnight”.

Which I never posted….in one of my post.


“Rock On”…

By your post…You have “simple” thing about domains and the Internt figured out.

I sure do not want to be the that sends…even…the slighest “ripple” through your pond.

Be good…and best wishes!


August 17, 2007 @ 8:35 am EDT

“””Why stop at bashing google, yahoo though . What about all the ppc provider guys too? “””

Adam…Read my post!

If I was “bashing” anyone…I was BASHING DOMAIN ASSET HOLDER’s! (me included)

Are you kidding me…

Why would I bash ‘Google’ as a business model…or PPC providers…Thay have made Million’s and BILLION’s with their business model(s)?…using other people assets to make money…why would I be bashing this? I did not. Best 21 century business models I know of.

Its great work…if you can get it!

That said…

ALL MY points…are still just as valid.

I do not know what else to say…”if all you got out of my post is that I was “bashing” Google or anyone else…you missed everything I was trying to say.

Which was…basiclly…think for yourself…and do not just repeat a bunch of drible…some Search engine or domain name “Guru” said.




August 17, 2007 @ 8:47 pm EDT

AhmedF & Adam,

Thanks for the “livly’ dicussion. We seem to look at the business of domains and internt search a bit differntly…which is ok…if everyone agreed, it would be pretty boring.

I wish everyone much success…in whatever route you decide to take, regarding domain names and/or Internet search, PPC etc…

The next 1-4 years should be some of the wildest times for both…and I think I will enjoy watching it ‘unfold’…no matter what diection it takes.



August 17, 2007 @ 9:37 pm EDT

Ahmed said:

“And I hate to be the bubble-popping realist, but when talking about successful sites, you talk in 100,000+ unique visitors a day. No domain comes even close to that.”


I’m afraid you are VERY WRONG about no domain doing 100,000+ uniques a day.


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