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07|17|2007 08:51 pm EDT

DomainSponsor Changes / Clarifies Payments

by Michele Neylon in Categories: Editorial, News, PPC industry

DomainSponsor Logo(This post is a syndicated feature from Michele Neylon’s I Squatted Your .EU.)

A few weeks ago DomainSponsor emailed their clients to inform them of planned changes to their payment processes.

Frank covered it here.

While anyone reading the email from a few weeks ago would have got the distinct impression that Paypal was being phased out:

We will be phasing out the PayPal payment method

Couldn’t be clearer than that, now could it?

Oh wait! This is 2007, so maybe if you backtrack quickly enough nobody will remember:

There has been some confusion related to our future plans for PayPal as a payment method. To clarify, we will continue to actively support PayPal as a payment method. Our intent was to provide a faster and more efficient method of payment for clients who have US bank accounts. Direct Deposit accomplishes that goal and is our recommended solution for clients with US bank accounts. The choice, however, remains yours.


I wasn’t confused in the least. They categorically and clearly stated they were removing it as a payment method.

It’s laughable how some companies think we all have memories like goldfish.. Pity, as I like the guys in DS …


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