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08|06|2007 01:24 pm EDT

Miva Makes Good on 4 Year Past Due Payment

by Adam Strong in Categories: Editorial, PPC industry

miva Back in the early days of ppc, 2002 and 2003, many domainers experimented with other search engines pay per click programs that have since seemed to have vanished. FindWhat and Espotting were two such search engines that you may have used back in those days, like myself. I sent a trickle of traffic to FindWhat (I’m pretty sure it was them) back then as a test to see how much better the traffic would do there. I made a few bucks on the traffic I tested but I never received any payment. I’m going to assume that it was because of payment thresholds. Most ppc companies require you to meet a minimum amount of earnings before they send you a check. Typically the amount is $50. Late payments and no payments seemed to be a routine thing during this growing period as well. I have no recollection of what the policies were at FindWhat during this time.

Fast forward 4 years later to today. FindWhat and Espotting are now owned by Miva. This morning I opened the mail to find a check from Miva. Wondering what it was for, I opened the envelope. Hold on to your seat . . . it was a check for a whopping $27.31! The check breaks down 7 months of earnings I received credit for in 2003, but gives no detail on where the earnings came from other than “Click-Thru Rev Share”. I am pretty sure I only tried FindWhat out for a month, but the check shows earnings in February 2003 of $22.21 dwindling slowly down each month to $.07 in August 2003. I guess they didn’t factor in current interest rates on that “borrowed money” from 4 years ago though. Well anyway, thanks for making good and for the “pizza money”. Four years late, not bad Miva.

If you used FindWhat or Espotting back in the “early days”, you might have some “pizza money” heading your way too.


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