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08|02|2007 01:22 am EDT

The Daily Sales Lists Explained

by Adam Strong in Categories: Editorial

I wrote this piece to answer some frequently asked questions about the domains that I publish every day in the Up to Minute side bar on the right and under Domain Sales category. If you have any more questions about this let me know in the comments section.

How do you get these lists ?

I personally track a lot of domains being sold and for sale through expiring domain venues. I also participate in a lot of these auctions, and naturally, I end up buying a lot of domains at these auctions. Sometimes the prices are too high for me. Well nowadays, a lot of the auctions are too pricey for me. Regardless though, I see these auctions and the sale prices on a daily basis as a participant would, and thus I’m privvy to information as it happens: what sells and for how much. It’s information that you can’t get unless you play the game.

Why do you publish the prices?

I thought when I built this site with Frank that it might be interesting for others to get that information too. I found when talking with other domainers they sometimes aren’t aware of what prices things are going for on a daily basis. I am only publishing these to give the Domain Name News reader a taste of what goes on in the expired domain marketplace every single day. I hope you enjoy.

Why are there only a certain number of domains on the list? Didn’t these places sell more domains?

Up until now, I only put out the top 4 domains (sometimes more sometimes less) as a sampling. The new list will have a varying amount. Yes, these venues sell hundreds maybe thousands of domains a day. It’s merely a sampling of the domains I see and track.

What do you mean “the domains you see” ?

To see what a domain sells for, you often have to be a participant in the auction. I might not be a participant in the auction because I missed the domain when I went through my lists, the domain didnt interest me, or maybe I was lazy or on vacation that day. So, I don’t see them all. Not by any stretch of the imagination

Where are these auctions ?

The 2 main venues that I’m tracking right now are and . and hold expiring domain auctions as well, but for a variety of reasons I don’t pay close attention to their inventory. This will be changing however as I expand my coverage. These aren’t names sold at aftermarket sites such as Sedo or Afternic or between domainers and aftermarket buyers. They are only the expired domains sold via auction.

Didn’t you previously include the venue where these were sold in the posts ?

I’ve decided as of today 8/1 that I’m no longer going to identify the venue where the domains were sold. The posts will just state the date and identify the names as “Expiring Domain Sales”. There are a variety of reasons for doing this. If you don’t like it, let me know in the comments section and I’ll reconsider if people would prefer the venue listed. I’ll try and explain my thought process.

I saw another domain sell for more. Why didn’t you post it?

Every day, out of the domains I post, there could be 20-30 more names that are better or sold for more. Domains someone else may see and I don’t. So sometimes readers will alert me to that. Feel free to post in the comments if you see something sell for more.

Why are there no sales posted for a certain day?

Like I said before this is just a small sampling and sometimes I miss a day or forget, but I’m trying not to do that just for you. Also, sometimes I just get tired of looking at lists, so if I miss a day I hope you don’t mind. After doing this for 7 years you would take a break now and then too :) Well maybe you would.




August 2, 2007 @ 6:18 am EDT

Thanks Adam for the explanation and the daily lists… It’s greatly appreciated!

You guys are doing an excellent job!

Jeff Kubarych

August 2, 2007 @ 12:24 pm EDT

Thanks for the info. You mentioned that you don’t pay close attention to inventory from and – I would be curious to find out what makes these services less interesting to you (fees, functionality, selection, past experiences, etc).

Great job with the blog!


Adam Strong

August 2, 2007 @ 1:04 pm EDT

Jeff. Snapnames and TDNAM have very large inventories of expiring domains since they are selling from the 2 of the largest registrars. Enom has a great system and I’ve got a scoop that it’s going to be even better really soon that’s why I may be starting back up enom. They have a lot of domains as well, but I think a lot of them get pre-purchased. We’ll see.
Pool began picking up fewer quality domains because of the competition and my experiences with them have been less than stellar in the past. It’s just not worth the hassle and time with larger pools ;) of auctions going on elsewhere.

Out of all the systems, the snapnames system is the one I prefer and works the best in my eyes. The fact that you can see there are actually users with handles bidding makes things feel a lot more transparent to me. Hope that helps


August 5, 2007 @ 1:20 pm EDT

I stumbled upon your site from a Google Alert. I am just starting to get into purchasig domains. I currently have a hundred or so domains, mostly junk. Since I most are registered with GoDaddy, I was wondering what you thought of Godaddy’s CashParking and the Discount Domain club. Thanks for all of the Great articles you have post here, they have been very helpful.

Frank Michlick

August 5, 2007 @ 6:34 pm EDT


Thank you for your comments.

I hear GoDaddy’s service is excellent if you request a dedicated account manager.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to GoDaddy: On occasion they might impose additional fees on you, for example when they get a dispute on one of the names you hold with them.

Haven’t used their parking, so I cannot comment on that. I find the motion that you pay for the amount of revenue share you get a bit odd though. Personally I also dislike the numerous sales pitches to click through when you purchase a domain there. I would also refrain from using their DNS for anything else but parking with them.

Just my personal opinion.

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