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06|26|2007 03:55 pm EDT

The Good, The Bad and The Holland Tunnel: TRAFFIC NYC 2007 REVIEW

by G. Love in Categories: Editorial, Events

The ghostDomain Name News is pleased to introduce yet another new
commentary from a long-time veteran domainer, G.Love. G.Love ranks at
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insight and a bit of humor to our mix of editorial coverage. Domain development, aftermarket sales, the ladies, film, haute couture, baseball and domain party mischeif will be the topics covered in the future by G.Love. – Adam

I hope I can qualify myself for this piece by saying that I may be the answer to a domain related trivia question someday. Since the first show in Del Ray, I believe I’ve missed only two of them. So with my TRAFFIC experience vast and settled, let me juggle some thoughts, good and bad, on the show that was TRAFFIC 2007 NYC.

The Good

Domain Distribution Network
Amazingly, domainers who long ago had sinced stopped attending the seminars, missed a historic speech and thus the opportunity it presents them.

Though long-winded and data-filled, Dan Warner officially launched the Domain Distribution Network and laid out his vision for a future where existing registrars are the vehicle for the aftermarket.

Thus, by adding BRAND to the equation, in the form of GoDaddy, Fabulous sealed the deal – officially and finally bringing aftermarket out of the WHOIS closet and into the mainstream.

For domainers with generic domains that make little to no money but have potential resale value, this opens an entirely new revenue stream – completely automating the single-domain sales process. Brilliant.

But in my discussions with others, I found very few domainers had any idea of the potential scope and scale of Fabulous’ landmark achievement.

So though he went on a bit too long (God bless Dan and his beloved stats, we’d be lost without him and his passion for the analysis), Dan Warner changed the valuation paradigm completely. A singular and far reaching achievement, bravo.

The Auction
It’s true that many individuals (including some affiliated with this site) now pay the full $2,000 registration fee just to attend the auction – which has become the main event of all shows. But this year, it was actually worth the full price of admission.

Moniker and Monte Cahn have continued to streamline and hone their auctions – making it a spectacle and a thrill just to be there – paddle in sweaty hand.

Giambi knocking it outThis time around they really sharpened it up and hit it out, juiced-Giambi style (note: NY reference). Congrats to them and Monte, I know they waded through up to 80,000 domains to pick out only 218.

My biggest personal thrill from this auction was hanging around with Mike Mann (BuyDomains founder) as he witnessed his first live auction. He was giddy with delight as he plotted and valuated and commented on each domain and sale. Like a kid in a .com candy store. It was an honor to go through that list with the legendary maestro.

This auction should prove to be the real turning point in domain valuations. It is quite clear that two word keyword-rich generics and single-word generics have resale value that far exceeds their revenue (up to 10,000x in some cases). These rare and valuable gems will continue to grow in value – exceedingly and exponentially so. Owners of these types of domains (but don’t kid yourself either) should be very happy with the results of this particular auction.

Actually, we should all be happy with the results. Group hug.

The Bad

Delusional Domainers
80,000 submissions? Can you imagine the amount of overpriced crap they had to wade through to find two hundred? So please, for the next auction, pick out the top 20 domains you’d like to sell and submit them. Give those guys some space, please.

From now on, if you want to be in the auction, your submissions better be GREAT – not ‘good’ or ‘okay’. They have to stand out and the reserve has to be a bit lower than you’d like. But now most see – it is truly worth it. But note – you do also take a chance it will end up in the silent auction and be snapped up cheap.

If you really want to find out if Moniker will include your names or if you’re not sure of the price, do this: get a Monkier APPRAISAL! It’s the only appraisal service worth anything in this business (they are used by Domain Capital to valuate property financing).

New Yawk, New Yaaawk
quick change One of my favorite comedies of all-time is ‘Quick Change’ with Bill Murray and Randy Quaid.

It’s about bank robbers who are trying to get to the JFK – but run into one after another after another New York mess. The city almost knowingly impedes their progress through construction, street fights, incoherent and clueless cabbies, etc..

True, the city of New York itself is majestic and grand – the titan and foundation of an industrializing world. Indeed, the view from the rooftop of 340 5th Ave. club was truly stunning – pity the rain.

But the smells and the horns and the homeless and the sirens (which you oddly only hear in the daytime – when I’m trying to sleep it off) are too much to handle.

Nobody knows where anything is – especially the cabbies and bellhops. And the hotel staff was rude and generally inhospitable. I asked the concierge how long it would take to get to JFK and I almost missed my flight – which would have relegated me to coach-class. Ick. I don’t do ‘tourists.’

I love NYC, I really love that city, that town and so many things about it – walking the streets, the pizza, the ‘girl parade’, the architecture.

But getting in and out and around and dealing with all the necessary conduits therein (cabbies, cops and such) is a complete nightmare.

I was already a bit nauseous but nearly died from the unreal fumes in some awful tunnel that kept extending outward – like in a horror movie. It might have been the Holland tunnel but I couldn’t make out the signs through the hot, gray air. My cabbie insisted on having the windows open of course. Seriously, I emerged from the tunnel in full ‘black faceâ€?.

At the end of Quick Change, Murray and Quaid are together in a bathroom stall at JFK– as Murray removes money taped to Quaid to bypass security. Of course, from the outside of the stall, it sounds like they’re having sex.

In the bathroom at the same time is an elderly man, clearly a tourist, who gets so disgusted with the awful sounds that he slams his paper towels down and exclaims classically, “you people can keep this city!�

I love NYC – just not sure the expense and boil-inducing hassle is worth a really great slice of pizza at 4 am. By the way, thanks for the ‘zza Mike.

I need some sleep. Peace out.

G. is a noted ‘domainutante’ who dabbles in domains and development. He is awaiting sentencing.




June 26, 2007 @ 4:03 pm EDT


Anyone know when ENOM will be hooked into with the Domain Distribution Network?


Jimmy Vassar

June 26, 2007 @ 6:26 pm EDT

‘domainutante’ ?

melina gmu

July 9, 2007 @ 8:55 am EDT

Some cool stuff…


emma kzf

July 9, 2007 @ 7:08 pm EDT

I was happy to find it for u!


joshua udt

July 9, 2007 @ 10:41 pm EDT

U never try it before —



July 10, 2007 @ 5:50 am EDT

Glad to see this site.


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