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07|25|2008 07:14 pm EDT

Tim Chen Joins Thought Convergence

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Editorial, Up to the Minute

Tim Chen, an online media and advertising specialist, has joined Thought Convergence and is expected to be heavily involved in all the company’s business units including TrafficZ and DomainTools.

“Tim is well experienced in the domain space and comes with a lot of knowledge and skills in dealing with domain monetization and acquisitions”, said Jay Westerdal on the DomainTools blog. “He will be helping us execute on our strategic plan of growth at Thought Convergence.”

Chen has spent the past two and a half years as the VP of business development and domain acquisitions at Internet REIT.

[via DomainTools]

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Dominik Mueller

July 26, 2008 @ 8:51 am EDT

Does anybody know what exactly happened to iREIT? They were well-established and had some good financial backing until mid 2007, there were even rumors that they would go public.

But they seem to be almost out of business now. I know that there were quite a lot of TM issues with domains in their portfolio and I think that some key executives left the company last year.


July 26, 2008 @ 7:59 pm EDT

I see that Thought Convergence keeps buying good companies and adding good smart people, but still kind of unclear about what is their strategy?

Are they changing from ppc to development company or auction company or all in one domain powerhouse?


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