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07|11|2007 01:50 pm EDT

Watch Out Geezers – Domainer 2.0 Is Coming

by Adam Strong in Categories: Editorial

walker< In a geezer voice > When I was a kid, we didn’t have these fancy smancy blogs. We had Commodore 64s and 9600 Baud modems and Prodigy. That was our blog. We didn’t even have domain names. When I was a domainer, we only paid $7 for a domain and there were only 60 million .com registrations . . . and we walked uphill in the snow to get to school < / geezer >

There’s a lot of speculation and talk about the future of domains ? Well if you are a “domainer” reading this in June of 2007, the future of domains most likely is not going to be in your hands. Heck if you are a real geezer you might not even be reading this because you haven’t figured out RSS yet ;) Get over it geezer! The future of domains is in the hands of your kids or someone elses kids. That’s right. Kids! The Domainer 2.0

Richard Lau, domain geezer, alluded to this topic in his recent post. I had already written this post before his, as I had previously run across this article a week or so ago, and it got me thinking about kids and domains. The kids mentioned in the article are blogging and some are pulling down more money than I was making 4 years out of college. That’s one heck of a lemonade stand.

Thilak Raj Rao from . . he’s a successful 17 year old indian blogger who’s making more than $3000 USD every month out of his blog. Thilak started a little more than a year ago with Tech-Buzz

How many under age domainers have you heard of ? I’ve personally heard of very few popping up in the lime light. One that comes to my mind is Jordan Schwartz, a savvy domainer who has flipped a number of high end domains and made a name for himself a few years ago before even turning 18. Only 1 ? I’m sure there are more. Please let me know.

It feels so strange for me to say, at the age of 34, but I think about all the opportunities that a 12 year old has today and in the future and it blows me away. The possibilities and opportunities afforded to them on the internet is crazy. In an old post Frank Schilling talked about how the domain business is open to all abilities, obviously kids included.

kidsNow consider what’s going to happen, or already happening right now, when more young people like Jordan Schwartz figure out domains and latch on to the concept of being domainers or when a current ‘geezer’ domainer’s own kids start getting involved. Woosh! The beauty and advantage of youth is that you likely have a ton more time on your hands. So, if you are young and entrepreneurial you are already at an advantage over the old dudes. If you are pre-16 you can’t drive, so you aren’t out “chasing tail” and partying like all the single guys I know and (hopefully) aren’t busy changing diapers or doing home repairs like all the married people I know. The second huge advantage that the youth have is that they are in touch with the slang and future trends that us “geezers” don’t hear about until the next version of American Pie rolls out on DVD.

Kids are “down” with the buzz words and likely are the earliest adopters and creators of the names and phrases of the times. I can recall talking to a senior “corporate domainers”, in his 40s, at a TRAFFIC party and mentioning the domain to confused looks. Easily a multi-million dollar domain and this person wouldn’t have even recognized as valuable. I’m sure there are hundreds of slang words and phrases that I don’t even have a clue about either. Don’t worry, a 2.0 Domainer will likely register all of them.

There are obviously disadvantages of being young and trying your hand at domains. They seem to be the same disadvantages kids always face when trying their hand at being an entrepreneur : Money and Parents. I can hear it now “What ? You want to use my credit card on the ‘internets’ to buy 100 ‘dot what’s” at godiddly? No way!” I think this obstacle will be a small one to overcome as the next generation of parents, who are also more “plugged-in”, accept that their children are probably savvier than they are about the internet and as they learn and hear about other kids making money online.

Will domaining replace mowing lawns and babysitting ? Who knows ? For some kids it just might. The youth, the Domainer 2.0, that’s the future of domains. Watch out geezers!



Shawn Miller

July 11, 2007 @ 2:49 pm EDT

We have been working with our broker Christain at Sedo to sell our domain, REMIX.COM for about 7 months. When we registered it in 1995 people asked me if it was to lure people to my Real Estate site and away from REMAX… or to my concrete production company, READYMIX… Since then, I have spoken to and emailed several “big buyers” and “appraisers” in the domain business, as well as general domain buyers, all aged from 20 to 60+. The results have been exactly as you described in your article. One appraisal company said, “My kids talk about remixes all the time, and I have a nephew who has done remixes for a record label. In fact, my kid downloaded a remix to my cellphone” and gave us a very very high appraisal value. Another appraiser, much much older, asked if it was a TYPO domain, while another based their decision on the number of letters the domain was. Both were also shocked that the word was actually IN THE DICTIONARY and is spoken in nearly every language. In fact, Levis jeans has just started a huge campaign to teens called “REMIX YOUR JEANS” where they manufacture a mix of 2 jean styles (say, straight leg and relaxed fit) into one jean. Sunbeam bread has TV commercials that tell kids to “REMIX YOUR SANDWICH” to get kids to ENJOY making cool new ideas, like a sandwich… Even without the music industry, the list of possible uses for REMIX.COM is truly endless… After reading your article, and being a Vic-20 and Commodore 64 kid with a 300 baud ACOUSTIC modem way back when, and seeing how the geezers look at the domain business, I had to offer you a pat on the back. You hit the nail on the head — great job.

Adam Strong

July 11, 2007 @ 3:37 pm EDT

Thanks Shawn. So what’s the price? :)
I’m dying to see your appraisals too if you don’t mind sharing what the #s were exactly and who gave them.

Shawn Miller

July 11, 2007 @ 4:39 pm EDT

Adam, since we’re under contract with Sedo, I’m not entirely sure how much or what I can divulge about the sale parameters – if anyone is interested in the domain, I’d suggest calling Christian Kalled or emailing him at

As far as the appraisals, I’d hate to embarrass any of the companies we used or people we spoke to – some of which are very well-known players in the domain buying game, but I did learn something… You are much better off letting 500+ viewers of your domain appraise it on a system like Namepros or DNForum than pay some 45+ year old guy who makes $35 per appraisal to waste your time and money. I also have to wonder how “real” these appraisals are — we got one super-lowball appraisal from one company which totally blew us away and within 24 hours got a bid on Sedo for the exact same amount — like the guy was hoping we were stupid enough to believe his appraisal and take a deal on Sedo outside of our broker contract… I’m sure this appraisal company takes people all the time using this “baiting” practice. Sorry to get off topic, but wow, I’ve talked and emailed with some amazing people in the domain business with great insight, power, knowledge and money as well as some serious bottom feeders waiting to take advantage of someone with a great domain and little or no idea of what they’ve got and what to do with it. Hopefully the DOMAINER 2.0 kids are much sharper than the 45+ year old woulda, shoulda, shoulda’s…

Once it sells, Sedo will let the news out… Thanks again, Adam!! :)


July 11, 2007 @ 7:21 pm EDT

> Will domaining replace mowing lawns and babysitting ?

I personally have never done anything else than web design, affiliate marketing and domaining to earn some cash since I was 12 (now I’m 19), and I love it.

Adam Strong

July 11, 2007 @ 9:11 pm EDT

Very cool Michal. Glad to have you as a reader too.
Let us know if us old geezers aren’t getting it right from time to time.


July 12, 2007 @ 6:40 am EDT

Michal…Best Man!

I am old and your way in front of me…but its great.

Just keep on Rock ‘n’ Rolling!



July 14, 2007 @ 12:36 pm EDT

One correction —

When I was a domainer, we only paid $7 for a domain…

Should be —

When I was a domainer, it was free to register a domain name…

Yes it’s hard to believe, but back in 1995 when we got started, domain registration was free. That’s why everyone would put up “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” signs on their domains, to show that they were working on them on not just squatting. However, there was no enforcement of the rules (and the enforcement part hasn’t gotten much better).

Later the annual fee became $35/year from Network Solutions, so in fact the annual fees are lower now because there’s competition.

Adam Strong

July 14, 2007 @ 1:16 pm EDT

Domainrich maybe for you. I guess that makes you ancient. I wasn’t in that early in the game. I was too busy doing webdesign and too stupid. I think at one point NSI was charging more than $35 . . . Correct me someone if I’m wrong. I wrote that part from the “now perspective” and I should have wrote from when I started for consistency sake .. . back when $14.95 at BulkRegister was a deal. Thanks for pointing that out.

I like the tagline on your blog btw :)

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