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02|05|2008 04:05 am EDT

Developing Your Domain Name? Check Out LeadsCon

by Adam Strong in Categories: Events

leadsconJay Weintraub, who formerly worked for and, has unveiled his newest venture, LeadsCon. The 3 day conference and expo takes place at the Palms in Las Vegas, April 2-4.

The conference is only $295 if you register before Febuary 15th (HURRY!) and we’ve got a special deal for our readers! Register today and get 25% off admission

Jay knows the domain space and many of the players in the space and he’s an extremely well-connected guy in the lead generation space. I had a chance to catch-up with Jay and ask him a few questions about the conference to shed some light on what it’s about and why domainers might find the show worth attending. This is a “must-go” show for me, and I believe it will appeal to other domain owners as well.

Follow the continue link below to read more in our interview with Jay.

Adam : Hi Jay. You know I’m coming to the show but why would someone from the domain space attend LeadsCon ?

Jay : I think domainers that have an interest in lead gen – be it directly monetizing or those thinking about building out a site, etc. will find LeadsCon the perfect venue for meeting companies and decision makers in the lead gen space.

Adam : Some of my readers might not see the fit. Are they going to make more money with lead gen than ppc? Maybe you can give me an example of a domain that utilizes lead generation in their development ?

Jay : Lead gen works well for domains focused on customer acquisitions. While not all domains will fit or make more money with lead gen, yields are higher when you are paid for the true performance of a domain and not a percentage of an averaged click value.

For an example, I think about It’s a great domain that they decided to build a business on. First it was ppc, then sponsored listings, then they started to get paid per lead. The domain gave them the traffic and the brand credibility.

To be clear though, LeadsCon isn’t a “how-to build domains” show by any means, but lead gen is a field that will get domainers thinking. LeadsCon will let them network with those who’ve built such businesses and meet the people that can help them get paid for their leads. Those with some enterprising abilities will see that it isn’t that hard to start a business or at least they should consider it because it will raise the value X fold.

Adam: Great domain and great example. That site has tons of potential in a variety of niches. So, what kinds of niches of lead gen would be at LeadsCon?

Jay: At the show we will see financial services, insurance, auto, health, home services, just to name a few. our lead sponsor for example already understands the value domainers bring. They pioneered the right pricing model for lead buyers and sellers, and their technology platform supports just about any vertical in which buyers and sellers want to engage.

Historically, lead gen has required big ticket items – a refinance for instance is a big ticket. Big ticket means people will pay a lot per lead. Now with other advances in lead management and efficiency, we’re seeing this enable a whole new crop of verticals come online. We’re still at the beginning as people grow out the sales channel; We have Lasik for eyes, soon we’ll have nationwide coverage and options for all sorts of other elective procedures; we also have important life stage verticals such as senior care.

Adam : Financial leads seem to be the big ticket you are talking about. What about the whole recession thing?

Jay : While the housing market was hot, the lead gen landscape was dominated with financial services related to one’s home equity. That boom paved the way for businesses to see the value and profitability in lead gen. Now, we have a proliferation including other financial services that fit today’s economic climate such as, short term loans, debt settlement and credit repair, along with mainstays of customer marketing – insurance, auto, health, moving, remodeling, many of which have strongsub-verticals

Adam : Do the lead gen companies attending/exhibiting work within the domain channel ?

Jay : Some of them do work with domainers, but that is just the most savvy who have realized the value of the traffic. Most are very happy to leverage the domainers great name as they know they provide high quality customers. Many more will wonder why it took them so long before they did!

Adam: I’ve seen a few Lead gen companies including “domain traffic” on their sign up forms lately.

Jay : Exactly! It’s a newer arena for some and those that get it embrace it; others will love it once they know domain traffic is a key ingredient with highly targeted, high quality traffic.

If you are looking into building out your targeted domains and want to explore lead generation as a revenue model, LeadsCon sounds like the place to meet key decision makers who provide lead generation service and businesses who have created sites using lead generation. If you have any questions, contact Jay Weintraub . . . Jay (@)

Register now for the show and get 25% off of your registration using our link code.


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February 5, 2008 @ 10:52 am EDT

Thanks for the tip Adam. Am hoping I can attend. Domainers need to start thinking seriously about getting a little closer to the end user dollars and cutting out the middle men. This is one way to study that can return big benefits imo.

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