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10|13|2009 10:33 am EDT

TRAFFIC Adds Night Pass

by Adam Strong in Categories: Events

For all you late night partying domainers, there’s some good news coming from the TRAFFIC show. Rick Schwartz announced today that the TRAFFIC domain show in New York will be adding a new “Night Pass”.  The $995 pass allows attendees to be at the auctions, night parties and the trade show floor after 4pm.

“We know besides the 300+ people that will register for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in New York there will be lots of additional folks that will be in the city during TRAFFIC and would like to attend but are “Night Owls” and don’t want to go to the seminars and meals and still pay full pop to get in. So Mike Fiol suggested a new NIGHT TRAFFIC PASS. “

We’ve felt TRAFFIC was sorely lacking some sort of “ala carte” pass for a while now.  Many attendees come to the shows to have meetings with other attendees and don’t tend to sit in on the conferences, browse the show floor or  enjoy any meals.  There’s attendees who just want to watch the auction and there’s likely attendees who don’t want any of the late night partying either (though likely very few).  I think I’ve had 2 meals on-site at the last domain shows that I attended, yet my admission was paying for all that food.  I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a daily pass or one without meals as options, but this new idea is a step in the right direction.

Kudos to Rick for listening to feedback and making this available. I know quite a few people who fall in to this demographic, but they may have already bought their ticket.

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