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08|27|2012 03:38 pm EDT

Cambridge Man supports Paul Ryan by buying domain names

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Headlines

As reported by The Daily Jeffersonian, Matt McKnight from Cambridge has registered a number of domain names in order to protect vice-president candidate Paul Ryan. The article calls him the “domain-ator” mentions that his main site is at, which is the name of the candidate’s wife. As Dan Davis writes,  McKnight purchased the domains “[…] to keep Democrats from accessing some Paul Ryan domains,[…]”.

[McKnight] transferred one Paul Ryan domain to the vice presidential candidate’s campaign.

“The campaign actually contacted me about using ‘’ which I then transferred over to them,” McKnight said. “I’m not sure if they’re going to make that his official website. This has been just a few days ago.”

McKnight refused cash for the domain.

According to DomainsTools he owns 17 other domains. Do you think this is a viable way to support “your” candidate in elections? As a candidate how would you feel about a fan-site about your wife? Would you try to place the names under your control?

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