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03|20|2008 05:09 pm EDT

Anti-Trust Complaint Filed Against ICANN, Registerfly and Enom

by Adam Strong in Categories: ICANN / Policy

Two individuals have filed a complaint in US Federal Court in California accusing ICANN, and of anti-trust activities  [pdf document].

  The complainants are seeking $25 Million in damages. Accusations found in the court documents also claim the companies were involved in racketeering, RICO violations, Sherman Anti-Trust Act violations, fraud, breach of contract, negligence and more.

This latest case surrounding the Registerfly fiasco has become more interesting with the lofty charges of anti-trust and RICO violations brought specifically against ICANN . The mess happened over a year ago when the company, both an ICANN accredited registrar and at one point an Enom reseller, collapsed over internal company issues.  A good summary can be found here.  The problems that registrants encountered during this time forced ICANN to strip Registerfly of their ICANN accreditation and Godaddy was brought in to help clean up the carnage.  A previous class action suit was brought up against the company last year.

[Thanks to our moles at DAC for the lead]

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1 Comment

Ivan DelValle

November 13, 2008 @ 2:12 am EDT

Hello my name is ivan to make along story short
i renwed all of my expired domainds on october 6
there was not 1 domain left on my expired domains list, enom hid the domain so that it would not be listed, it expired on september 24th with a 30 day grace period. when i went to renew my domains, on october 6 I renewed every last domain that was listed as expired, when i checked again november 7 the name appeared
as expired and they wanted to extort $160.00
as i was in negotiation with them they took the domain away completly. I want my domain back, this is not the first time enom has done this to me and hundreds of other domain holders, the truth is i want to start a class action lawsuit against this criminal richard rosenblatt from demand media. and there are many others that have been damaged by this man and his company.

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