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11|02|2007 05:25 pm EDT

ICANN Board Elects Peter Dengate Thrush New Chairman

by Adam Strong in Categories: ICANN / Policy

The 30th International Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers meeting in Los Angeles concluded today, November 2nd with the election of a new Chairman of the Board of ICANN. Peter Dengate Thrush, a New Zealand barrister with a specialization in intellectual property, has been elected unanimously as the new Chairman of the Board.

From :

Peter has been involved in ICANN since its inception. As a member of the Boston Working Group, he provided comment in 1998 on the early drafts of the ICANN bylaws, and as President of AIPPI-NZ he co-chaired one of the pre-formation meetings of the Intellectual Property Constituency (IP Constituency), in Wellington NZ. In 1999 he was appointed to ICANN‘s IRAC (the Independent Review Advisory Committee) a multi-national panel of legal experts charged with defining the principles of independent review of the actions of the Board of ICANN. He contributed to InternetNZ‘s submission to WIPO 1, and served on ICANN‘s Working Group A, which led to the development of the UDRP. He is currently on the WSIS Workshop Working Group.

The election of the new Chairman comes this year after former Chairman Vint Cerf, announced his retirement after having served for eight years on the ICANN Board. The newest ICANN board also consists of 3 new board members selected in September 2007.