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01|25|2008 06:38 pm EDT

ICANN Issues Plea for Independence From US Government

by Chad Kettner in Categories: ICANN / Policy

ICANN logoICANN, the overseer of the internet’s addressing system, has made a plea to the US government to be freed from official control.

In a lengthy report that was sent to the US Department of Commerce, ICANN argued that the objectives that were put in place by the US government to earn independence have been met faster than expected and that it is time to focus on the future.

The report has set up a meeting to discuss the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between ICANN and the US government and see how ICANN can move on without the current official oversight.

“The board proposes that the JPA is no longer necessary and can be concluded,� wrote Peter Dengate Thrush, the chairman of the ICANN board.

Paul Twomey, president of ICANN, added that “the JPA has been fundamentally achieved and what’s more important is for the Department of Commerce and ICANN to talk about what the next stage looks like.�

Twomey also emphasized that it was important for governments to still have a role in matters, but not be able to have any control over the registry’s development.

ICANN will meet with the US Departnment of Commerce in March, 2008. If you’d like your views to be known, then you have until February 14 to contact the US Government.

For more information, head over to BBC News.

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January 27, 2008 @ 2:09 pm EDT

Bush’s religious nutjobs kept ICANN under their wing so they could put the brakes on .xxx

Now they see the Democrats winning in a landslide victory, which will see USG opposition to .xxx melt away, they want ICANN outside the control of the USG so their corporate buddies can keep .xxx off the map.

[…] days ago ICANN stated that they want independence from US Government control, arguing that there is no longer a need for the JPA as the terms have […]

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