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10|28|2007 09:00 pm EDT

ICANN meeting in LA begins, 1/4 to 1/3 of the meetings closed to the public

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Events, ICANN / Policy

Today the ICANN meeting in Los Angeles begins. With Vincent Cerf stepping down as ICANN chairman, will this also be the continuation of change? While many additional members of the domain industry are attending this year’s conference, it still looks like ICANN would like to keep many things under cover as Karl Auerbach notices on his CaveBear Blog:

Wow, somewhere between one quarter and one third of all of the meetings are closed to the public! Well, we have long known that ICANN takes its responsibility to be open and transparent with more than a few grains of salt. But this seems far more secrecy than is normal, even for ICANN.

But look at this this: The meeting of the At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) is closed to the public! The meeting of the ICANN’s company union is closed to its own membership. One would hope that this is a misprint. (Not that it matters much – I consider the ALAC to be a fraud upon the public and merely a means for ICANN to have a story, plausible to those who don’t dig deeper, that ICANN has a means for the public to have a say in what ICANN does.)

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) and several of it’s members will be attending the ICANN meeting as well.

The author expects changes coming out of this meeting. One of these changes will most likely be related to purchasing companies that own existing registrars. These changes are based upon the Registerfly disaster, a registrar that went out of business and left it’s registrants without the ability to renew or manage their names. Registerfly had also purchased an existing registrar, Unified Names, in order to become ICANN accredited. The contract modifications will most likely mean that a company that buys an existing registrar will also have to meet certain ICANN requirements.


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