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10|02|2007 01:41 am EDT

ICANN staff report on IGO domains

by Adam Strong in Categories: ICANN / Policy

icann logoA brief intro : IGO stands for inter-governmental organizations. The domains that might fall into question under this policy would include many short, acronym domains.

ICANN staff have released a report on a draft IGO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. The staff report can be seen in it’s entirety at this link.

Thanks to George Kirikos’ post at domainstate for alerting me to this. George, as always, makes some great points about the flaws in the proposal and the open door that the wording of the policy creates for reverse domain hijacking by covetous IGOs. It’s worth reading and keeping up on this issue if you are a short domain name owner. According to the report, the proposal would only apply to new TLDs, but via the PDP, these rules could be extended to existing TLDs such as .com


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