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08|31|2011 09:44 am EDT

New ICANN VP Quits Before He Starts?

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ICANN / Policy, Up to the Minute

In June ICANN had announced that it was bringing on board Thomas Spiller in their Brussels office as a VP for the European Region. He was supposed to start this week.

Apparently he changed his mind.

So far ICANN has not made an announcement as to who is going to take his place and according to a post on, apparently the staff in Brussels has not been informed about any changes.

In the original press release, the outgoing ICANN president, Rod Beckstrom, who the had not yet announced his departure was quoted as follows: “This new position is vital for the global expansion and deepening of ICANN,” said Rod Beckstrom, President and Chief Executive Officer. “And we were lucky to find Thomas Spiller, who has a solid track record of performance and a good understanding of the complex issues affecting our community.”

ICANN has since emailed an update that Spiller will not be joining their European office any more.

[Hat tip to Stephane von Gelder, Michele Neylon]

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