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06|07|2008 11:33 am EDT

New ICANN process for de-accreditation of Registrars

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ICANN / Policy


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Under the light of the recent de-accreditations for registrars and DotForce, where ICANN is looking for a new home for it’s 5,800 registrants, a proposal for an Interim Terminated Registrar Transition Procedure has now been published for comments.

The process seeks to eliminate the involvement of the registrar that is being de-accredited and identify ICANN’s power & responsibilities.

This draft/interim process is currently being used by ICANN staff in facilitating the transition of registrations from two recently de-accredited registrars. It was developed from learning by staff in previous registrar de-accreditations (including both voluntary and involuntary terminations) and with input provided by the community at the Registrar Termination workshop hosted in Delhi, India at the February 2008 ICANN meeting. (Transcript, presentation slides, and summary of participant comments) Through the workshop in Delhi, community members provided several well-considered ideas for addressing particular scenarios that could be encountered upon the de-accreditation of a registrar. Although many of suggestions have been incorporated into this draft/interim procedure, some of the suggestions are not currently implementable due to existing policy limitations or a need for further development of long-term solutions. It is anticipated that, after this procedure has been finalized and approved, it will be periodically reevaluated and adapted as warranted by ICANN’s experience with its use.

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