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06|29|2007 12:48 am EDT

“Professional Registrant” Constituency In the Works?

by Adam Strong in Categories: ICANN / Policy

Another tidbit coming from the transcript from today’s ICANN meetings in Puerto Rico. Philip Corwin, from the ICA , commented today during the ICANN meetings and gave a hint that a new ICANN constituency might be under consideration.

“PHILIP CORWIN:  Good morning, Philip Corwin, counsel to the Internet Commerce Association, representing domain name investors and developers and the direct search industry. And I want to begin by commending ICANN and the staff for the excellent work at this meeting and to say that we very much appreciate — we were contacted in advance of the meeting by a consultant to the  GNSO, suggesting that we consider creating a new constituency group  for professional registrants.  And I’ve discussed that with Avri Doria at the meeting, and we are giving that very active consideration as to  whether that is the best way for us to continue to constructively engage in your process and meaningfully contribute to it.”

Many “professional registrants” already have a voice at ICANN, as they are members of either the Registrar or Business constituencies.  Some of the biggest “professional registrants” after-all are Registrars.  This additional constituency is an interesting idea and would bring a whole new dimension to ICANN.  With current legal issues facing these same “professionals”, they have a hard road to hoe getting this idea off the ground.


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