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08|12|2008 10:58 am EDT

Wales to Apply for New TLD

by Chad Kettner in Categories: ICANN / Policy

According to Philip Virgo of ComputerWeekly, Wales is preparing to apply for their own sponsored top-level domain – .cym – in order to reverse the economic outflow from Wales in e-commerce.

The Welsh Assembly Goverment has expressed an issue with the majority of Welsh shoppers buying from non-Welsh sites and fewer non-Welsh buyers purchasing from Welsh businesses.

“In confirming the intent to apply for a TLD for Wales, Ieuan Wyn Jones fulfilled a desire that has been strongly expressed by Parliamentarians in both Cardiff and Westminster,” Virgo said on his blog.An early day motion in the House of Commons was signed by 24 MPs of all parties. In the Welsh Assembly, the House Committee passed a vote of support by a large margin.”

The Welsh TLD would be used by organizations, companies, and individuals around the globe that express themselves in the Welsh language and/or look to encourage Welsh culture.


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August 12, 2008 @ 11:41 am EDT

Given how close .cym is with .com, it seems like a risky extension to try to get approved by ICANN.

Sean Wood

August 12, 2008 @ 12:19 pm EDT

This new TLD thing is rediculous. Any company that thinks they can use the TLD without owning the equivalent .com will result in traffic leakage.

Internet users are going to get so confused with this change in rules to allow such names. What a mess the governing bodys have allowed in the roll out of the internet.

Alex Dervy

August 12, 2008 @ 3:05 pm EDT

Well, .cym is sounds good. I think that more top-level domains are good for all.


September 8, 2011 @ 9:05 am EDT

how about a .cunt or a .shit. We can have one of those. Must be a bunch of retards governing the ICANN and TLD rules now. This completely defeats standardisation processes and allows for duplication. What next, we will have TLDs with unicode extensions so that foreign characters can be entered for TLDs. Cunts.

We would start seeing “microsoft.cunt” or “apple.cunt”, “” anything you can think of. Not having a reasonably guessable hostname makes double-ups very difficult and confusing for everyone.

I see lawsuits pending. They better get their appropriate laws and shit sorted otherwise they will be a full-time consultation committee for trials and companies suing cunts for similar names, etc.


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