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07|22|2008 09:46 pm EDT

Rogers Following in the Footsteps of SiteFinder?

by Chad Kettner in Categories: ISPs

Michael Geist recently reported that Rogers, an internet service provider, has changed its approach for failed DNS lookups, which happens when an internet user types in a domain name that does not resolve. Now, instead of reaching a standard error page, Rogers’ customers are being redirected to a sponsored page that contains links to Rogers’ content, paid search results, and additional Yahoo! search results.

Whenever a redirect happens, Rogers explains to the user that “these search results were provided because the domain name you entered into the address bar is either improperly formatted, currently unavailable, nonexistent, or part of a key word search. Rogers Supported Search Results is a service designed to enhance your web surfing experience by eliminating many of the error pages you encounter as you surf.

Although Rogers allows users the option to opt-out, it is a temporary action that resets every time the cookies are cleared.

In 2003, Verisign provided a similar “service” anytime an internet user landed on an unregistered .com or .net webpage. Site Finder, as it was known, created enough controversy among network operators, competing domain registrars, and internet users that ICANN insisted for Verisign to cease wildcarding.


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Frank Michlick

July 23, 2008 @ 12:21 pm EDT

We meant to include that in the article, not sure how we missed it. Thanks!

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