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06|22|2007 10:57 am EDT

Verizon introduces SiteFinder type “service”

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ISPs

Verizon has recently introduced “Advanced Web Search“, a “service” that reminds of Verisign’s Sitefinder. When you mistype a URL in your browser, they will show you some search results and ads instead of the usual error. While back in the day ICANN was able to shut down the Verisign service for the COM/NET TLDs, they have little to no power to decide what ISPs do within their network.

Interestingly enough this type of “service” often means the involved companies are making money of typos, which is hardly any different from companies registering and monetizing domains that are typos of other domains. And then there also is the Browser Default search that often tries to “help” by converting typos in the address bar of the browser into search queries for MSN live or Google.

[via Arstechnica]




June 22, 2007 @ 12:38 pm EDT


I made this post at Frank Schillings blog ba couple of weeks ago. Charter comm. is doing the smae thing.


If I understand this PR correctly, it looks like the Broadband ISP’s will be able to control “redirct” a lot of traffic that has never really been in their control before. (not promoting this company or service…just find it an interesting development).


Posted by: Dan | June 07, 2007 at 11:37 AM

Hi Again…A follow up to my last comment.

I almost never use IE and use Firefox on a daily basis. I just typed in keywords without any extention and it looks like my broadband provider (Charter) has taken over IE… as it goes to its own results listing pages. It look like they give you a choice for this:

Firefox…still just redirects you to the number listing on Google for whatever term you puch into their browsers. I image this will/could change because of these ISP.

Looks like…this could have a very big effect on the amount of “type in” traffic depending on what browser prople are using.

Sure a big difference in the way these browsers are currently controling traffic and I am sure this is a battle thats just going to get more intense.


Frank Michlick:
Dan, I think many ISPs are starting to do this and at a recent ISPCon (ISP conference) I attended there were two companies offering this “service”. Thank you for your comments. Cox is another example.

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