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01|12|2011 07:32 pm EDT

American Airlines Sunrise Application to Register Rated “Invalid”

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

In the currently ongoing Nominet Sunrise phase for the release of “reserved short domains” (single and double letter of third level .uk) domain names (DNN reported previously) American Airlines missed out on getting during the Sunrise phase.

According to the sunrise whois, there were four applications for the domain name so far:

  • American Airlines, Inc
  • Andrews & Arnold Ltd
  • The Automobile Association Limited
  • Anthony Hill

The American Airlines application has been rejected as “INVALID”, the application from “Andrews & Arnold” has been validated. The latter two applications are still pending validation. The sunrise phase closes for applications on January 17th.

While the UK trademark does pre-date 2008 as required (Filing date is 14 Aug 1998), it appears that American Airlines failed to submit proof of trademark use prior to 2008. As DNN understands they will have a chance to re-apply to have their trademark validated.

[Thank you Hakan and ScottJ]

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