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11|12|2007 05:17 pm EDT

Bo Knows Domains

by Adam Strong in Categories: Legal Issues, PPC industry

New details in the Vulcan Golf vs Google case have emerged. Several new plaintiffs have been added to the case against Google, Oversee, Sedo, IReit and other “John Does”. Most notable of the new plaintiffs is a famous sports star, Vincent E. Jackson, aka “Bo” Jackson.

Bo Jackson is a recognized name within American professional sports. Jackson is best known as an All Star player in two major league sports, the NFL and the MLB. His name became famous in the late 80s and early 90s when Nike began the famous “Bo Knows” ad campaign.

Jackson’s portion of the claim states that:

Bo Jackson has suffered and continues to suffer injury to his person, business and property as a direct and proximate result of the Deceptive Domain Scheme and violations set forth herein. The injury and damage suffered is economic and non-economic in nature, and includes but is not limited to: diversion of business; confusion, damage to reputation; dilution of distinctive and valuable famous name; loss of revenue; and other such related injury and damage

Two specific domains were mentioned in Jackson’s portion of the claim : and Both domains are registered with Whois privacy protection and currently appear to redirect to Sedo, but are not resolving or being monetized. Sedo and Google were named as the defendants.

The Vulcan case continues to have interesting twists and turns and I’m sure will add more plaintiffs and maybe even new defendants as the case plays out. To see the documents and history of the case in there entirety, check the Justia website.

Special thanks to George Kirikos for the tip



George Kirikos

November 12, 2007 @ 8:10 pm EDT is parked at SmartName. It’d be interesting if NameMedia (who bought SmartName) is named as a defendant based on this, thereby affecting their big IPO.

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