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02|22|2008 06:14 pm EDT Dispute Case Turns into War of Words

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Legal Issues is reporting escalated tension between Bodog and 1st Technology in regards to a lawsuit over a coveted domain name,

Bodog founder, Calvin Ayre, insists that he was improperly served when 1st Technologies originally filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against his company, which led to the eventual loss of the important domain name.

On his personal blog, Ayre explains: “The Costa Rican company in that [patent dispute] action is not Bodog and never ever was Antiguan based Bodog.�

Scott Lewis, the proprietor of 1st Technologies, has another take. “The argument over whether Bodog Entertainment Group S.A. along with and, etc., are really the same as the online gaming company that downloads and makes millions of dollars a year is, in fact, a dead dog,” he said. “This was put forward by the Defendants and summarily rejected by the judge in Federal Court on October 11, 2007; the judge upheld that our service on the Judgment Debtors for patent infringement was legally binding despite the various corporate entity arguments.â€?

While there are certainly two distinct sides to this lawsuit on paper, there is also a war of words that is spilling out into the public.

Calvin Ayre has attacked Scott Lewis personally a number of times, calling him a “patent troll� as well as saying that Lewis “represents all that is evil in business today.�

While Ayre has challenged Lewis to a boxing match, Lewis has countered by accusing Ayre of hiding the facts: “Why don’t they put on their website all the corporate documents so we can all see them? I challenge them to do this and put up or shut up.�

Bodog will continue to be successful regardless of the results, since they have successfully re-branded their domain as Nonetheless, the gambling industry and many others continue to watch this case closely – following both sides of the argument as the case continues to heat up.


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