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06|22|2007 04:12 am EDT

The Hawk brings out the claws

by Adam Strong in Categories: Legal Issues

Domain-watch-dog company Citizen Hawk released a study this week detailng the number of “cybersquatted” domains of major kid oriented websites. The group found thousands of domains that were registered that they claim to be “potentially trademark-infringing domains”

To scare the pants off of the brand owners even more and quite apparently (as with any press release) to get more clientelle, Citizen Hawk decided to play up the “unsafe” angle.

“Cybersquatting on kids’ sites is a particularly insidious and dangerous practice, because cybersquatters are not only stealing traffic from legitimate brand holders, but are also in a position to expose children to inappropriate or harmful content,�

[via Citizen Hawk]

There have been some past incidents in the domain space with regard to cybersquatting and kids sites and even some misdirection to adult sites way back when. However, I think most people in the domain business today know that they can monetize these domains if they are holding them rather than sending them somewhere like an adult site where they obviously would make little money since they would be untargeted. In my eyes, the “dangerous stuff” isn’t happening. Sure it could happen, and brands should protect their marks and the squatters shouldn’t be squatting and all that, but come on enough of the “insidious and dangerous” stuff please.


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