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07|02|2010 04:41 pm EDT

US Authorities Seize Domain Names of Download Sites

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

This Messages Appears on the Seized Domains

This Messages Appears on the Seized Domains

US Authorities announced today in a press conference held at Disney Studios in Burbank that their new initiative “Operation in Our Sites” seized nine domain names linked to websites that could be used to download pirated content. The initiative partners law-enforcement officials with representatives of the entertainment industry.

“American business is under attack from counterfeiters and pirates,” Immigration and Customs’ Assistant Secretary John Morton said at the press conference. “Internet crooks threaten the U.S. economy on a grand scale.”

Officials said that the seized sites had attracted 6.7 million visitors in a single month.The seized domain names and their registrars were:

  • (TodayNic)
  • (DirectI)
  • (DirectI)
  • (GoDaddy)
  • (eNom)
  • (Active 24)
  • (BIZCN)
  • (eNom)
  • (eNom)

Some of the domain names do not resolve, while the majority of them displays the “seized” message shown in a screenshot on the left. Not all of the registrars involved are located in the US.

[via The Wrap]

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July 2, 2010 @ 5:24 pm EDT

What a waste of gov’t resources.


July 4, 2010 @ 12:04 am EDT

If the registrar not in USA, how USA government can seized it?


July 4, 2010 @ 12:57 am EDT

Trying buying a movie online and they alter your operating system, download adware to your computer. You need to beg them to cancel your credit card subscribe trial period. I knew every new movie now available. As soon I went to a website, they knew I wanted movies. These websites should have been given a medal of honor instead of a seize. The idea this is about those online movie sales is appalling.


July 5, 2010 @ 2:39 am EDT

They’re just wasting their time doing that. Besides, piracy can never end

Mp3 mercy

July 5, 2010 @ 8:39 am EDT

piracy is a part of human entity. someone is producing someone is stealing :|
that`s it


July 6, 2010 @ 11:02 am EDT

The fact is that the American government has stolen those domain names and therefore been starting cyber attacks. It is not an “American” domain name, and as such, it should not be touched. Instead legal proceedings should take place. We need to stop this now, before the US takes over the internet. You do not own it, America!


July 8, 2010 @ 12:09 am EDT

i think thats just gay


July 8, 2010 @ 1:54 am EDT

This is illegal.

First, companies like Microsoft rent us software & break the truth in labeling act by promoting is as “For Sale” in which you own it. Misleading, false, illegal!

Second, Microsoft pushes Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) Or WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) as a “critical update”, meaning that your system URGENTLY NEEDS this in order to run.

Again, false, misleading, crooked, criminal behavior.

Additionally, you can own physical things, but you cannot own words/songs/”intellectual” properties. This is because mental things are NOT PHYSICAL PROPERTY that can be owned.

Do you know what it would take to stop ALL “digital” copies of pictures/movies/music? DEATH! All people dead. As long as you are living, you are automatically producing reproductions of everything you hear/see.

You are not automatically producing chairs/bikes/cars etc. Those you have to do PHYSICAL LABOR. You do not work, you do not eat, simple. Those who think they can own thoughts, well try to put mental handcuffs on someone, stop learning.

It won’t work simply because it IS impossible unless everyone dies. It is a part of who we are & understanding each other without everyone having to speak a new word in order to avoid a tarrif?

Besides, who is going to stop them from plagiarizing everything they tell you? No matter what they tell you, it has been reproduced/is part of copy-protected work somewhere, yes?

Everything they say is plagiarized, yes?

Nuff said!

Where are those who want to ban my thousands of free copies of corn every time I plant a single corn seed, or hundreds of apples off a single apple seed?

Who wants to tell me I am “stealing” corn or apples just for planting it & creating thousands of new copies…

The simple fact is, PIRACY IS STEALING, but sharing IS NOT stealing & never has been!


July 8, 2010 @ 6:08 pm EDT

This is what happens when the love of $$$ becomes greater than the love for family, friends, workers, or people.

Every time you turn around, people are suing people, & society is literally crumbling to the dust because of the greed.

Eventually, the government itself will be taken in a series of scandalous “piracy” rings when everyone finds out that a lot of the government computers, if not most of them, have “pirated” softwares on them.

I, for one, will be glad. Serving $$$ & putting it as the god you worship is always bad.

The love of money ($$$) is the root of all evil. And this proves it!


July 8, 2010 @ 6:10 pm EDT

They are not interested in doing what is right morally, but what makes money.

This is just wrong! I agree with you 100%

Time for bold people to stand up for their rights & put an end to tyranny!


July 9, 2010 @ 7:25 pm EDT

Sharing is a crime? Do you want to know what really is a crime?

– Selling something to you & trying to control what you do with it… Once you make a sell, it is no longer yours! Renting is different, but they don’t “rent” it to you in stores because they know that will stop a sale! This violates the truth in labeling act.
– Installing malware on computers after a user buys your movie or software. Attempting to lock down a user’s pc, installing backdoor trojans or rootkits like Sony Corp did on numerous audio CD’s is a sure fire way to stop people from wanting to buy your material. I am sorry, I find it humorous that the very people who want to sell stuff to you so badly & try to promote buying the “legit” offerings in order to protect your computer from malware/hidden viruses, are the VERY ONES INSTALLING THE HARDEST TO GET RID OF ones on your PC in the first place!
– Not informing the end user that they are NOT buying just a movie. Instead, it is much better to overstep your legal boundaries & illegally demand, yes, REQUIRE even, that they have to have malware on your PC in order to even PLAY the movies they bought from you!
– Trying to hold an end user license agreement as “legit”. Not only are they 100’s of pages long frequently (in an effort to PREVENT users from reading it), they are so full of dictionary legalese, the the average user doesn’t even know where to begin with what means what! Additionally, they try to enforce a “legal agreement” that is oft in contradiction to itself because of the 100’s of pages of legalese such that they conflict with the earlier pages. Frankly, there is nothing to stop users from violating the user agreement because they are essentially in another language, purposefully written to be as obscure & un-understandable as possible. What they really fail to realize, is that they do not have the legal power to enforce software license agreements because first of all, you have no proof that a certain user clicked agree before installation. Perhaps a friend/worker/other person did? Additionally, you have the fact that nothing was signed BEFORE they bought the disk. AFTER you buy a disk & are presented an agreement, too late! The user already bought the software AND the agreement. Since nothing was signed before purchase, they are entitled to do whatever they want to the software, including burn the disk, send it to the moon, whatever.
– Logging everything a user does online via ISP records. Not only does this violate privacy, but it is an attempt to turn it into a police state to monitor a user to be sure they are not a crook. Essentially, you are a criminal till “proven” innocent! This is a violation of user privacy & definitely illegal. If we are truly in a land of innocent till proven guilty, why are they policing us all as though we are common criminals? Sure people do wrong, but don’t monitor all people looking for a crime, wait till someone actually does a crime, then go for the crook!
– TV… Ever notice how TV stations frequently put anyone they want on TV? People in audiences, in backdrops as they produce a movie? Common citizens are sued if they “use “my” image without MY permission”. If TV stations can do it with no repercussions, why can’t we all? The truth is, TV is allowed because it is a $$$ maker. It really is not so much about right & wrong as it is “this makes money, therefore we have a right to use it”.
– Going to war under false pretenses. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, we have the right to attack & take over? What about when another country decides to do the same to us? What happened to waiting till someone DID a crime before reacting? How long will the American public put up with the lies till they demand the truth & stop the war by getting all their husbands & troops to pull out? Why don’t we go attack OTHER countries with WMD? Such as China, or Russia? Since when was that EVER a good idea to attack a country, take their resources, & all under the guise of “we helped them out!” No wonder our economy is suffering! 100’s of millions of $$$ spent on war every day, EVERY day that we are over there in Iraq, Iran, where-ever they decide to send them, & our economy is in ruins? Go figure!
– Credit Card Companies… They were happy years ago to investigate a company here because of “price gouging” generators during a power outage. Turns out that it was illegal to double the price of an item. Credit card companies not only double, they triple, quadruple, octo-duple the cost of items, & even 100 times purchase cost is not illegal. 30% interest rates? years & years, or even a lifetime spent paying interest (paying for the item hundreds of times over in some cases) but still never paying it back?


P.S. There were police here earlier that were indited for stealing $$$ from a mexican’s wallet, all because they figured he was spanish & didn’t know English so they emptied his wallet when they pulled him over. There were 3 white officers indited in the case. Also, police frequently speed for no reason around here.

Now, they try to disarm the American Public. Buy guns, destroy guns, get them to volunteer them up. When having guns is out-lawed, only outlaws will have guns!


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