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09|23|2010 11:47 am EDT

Registrar Sues CIRA for $10m

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

CIRA denies re-certification for Brandon Gray Internet Services

CIRA, the registry operator of the .CA ccTLD, has denied Brandon Gray Internet Services Inc. the re-certification as a .CA registration on September 10th of this year. The registrar also counts the “Domain Registry of Canada” (DROC) amongst its resellers, which is mostly known for sending official looking renewal reminders/transfer offers to domain registrants. The company also operates the ICANN Accredited registrar NameJuice.

According to the companies, they reassured that DROC is a reseller of Brandon Gray Internet Services, simply sharing a postal address in Markham, phone system and extension lists. The registrar is said to have 25 resellers in total.

Now Brandon Gray is suing CIRA for $10 million CAD in damages for the termination of their accreditation. They also say that CIRA has not provided a reason for the denial of the re-certification. writes:

CIRA has also declined comment on the case while it is before the court. But an affidavit filed in court obtained by shows that the authority will defend itself in part by attempting to show Brandon Gray has a “bad reputation in the Internet community,” writes Kelly Campbell, channel manager at CIRA. It discusses the activities of the DROC and other resellers that it says “inextricably linked” to Brandon Gray and says they “have engaged in activities which are inappropriate for any business and highly unethical.”

As reported on the CIRA election campaign forum, the registry also has recently denied a number of applications for registrar accreditation by new registrars, citing the small number of customers as a reason.


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