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04|21|2011 11:45 am EDT Taken Down for Invalid Whois

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

Righthaven LLC, a company that enforces licensing of content created by their clients, has in the past taken possession of domain names owned by alleged infringers. Recently a judge dismissed one of their claims on a defendant’s domain name.

Now it appears that GoDaddy, the domain registrar for the domain, has taken down their domain for an invalid whois. According to ICANN rules domain owners are required to maintain valid whois information. Anyone can report an invalid whois record via the WDPRS system, which then passes on the complaint to the sponsoring registrar of the domain. The registrar would then attempt to contact the domain owner and ask them to verify/update their contact information. Should they not do so, the domain can be suspended or even deleted.

[via @rhvictims]

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April 25, 2011 @ 8:22 am EDT

This happened to me when someone reported my whois as invalid, and the registrar failed to contacted me because of their system didn’t sent out the notice/email to me until the domain was suspended. There’s plenty of poeple reporting domains even if the whois is accurate, and they wish or things like this to happen.. luckily i stay on the top of my whois.

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