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05|27|2008 12:40 pm EDT

Verizon vs. Navigation Catalyst Systems

by Adam Strong in Categories: Legal Issues

We missed this story when the case first started, so to quickly get you up to speed. Verizon is suing Navigation Catalyst Systems (aka Vendare, aka First Look, aka and Basic Fusion for trademark infringement. George Kirikos has taken the time to download all the documents from PACER and post them up on his site (kudos to George!). There are some interesting facts in the documents, specifically the massive list in Exhibit 7 which outlines all the domain names that Verizon is claiming are trademark infringements. The list of all violations in the Exhibit 7 was even trimmed down by Verizon. They only used one company/trademark per letter as examples of infringing domains.

In a few pages of discussion about the case on DomainState, John Berryhill eloquently points out that “These suits are simply jousting matches between two different gangs of pirates.” What he is specifically referring to is that the claimant, Verizon, is engaged in a similar practice of “trademark infringement” with the wild-card DNS service that they have in place with customers who use their internet service.

There’s now a new development in the case. Brett Lewis, attorney for Navigation Catalyst is now counter-suing Verizon for trademark infringement. The response to Verizon and counter-suit filing (bottom of page) has been posted on Kirikos’ site today. Lewis fires back with a claim that seems might be giving Verizon a small dose of their own medicine.

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