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06|17|2007 10:18 pm EDT

A new domain portfolio and monetization management tool

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Miscellaneous

DNZoomAt the targeted TRAFFIC conference, which starts on Tuesday in New York City, Modern Gigabyte (the makers of the hosting billing software ModernBill), will be announcing the launch of their dnZoom tool. The system is a full hosted solution for domain monetization and management.

As Dan Kimball shared with me, one way that this product will be offered is a co-branded solution through parking and domain name registration companies. The platform connects to different registrars, marketplaces and parking providers (eNom,, NetworkSolutions, tucows, EuroDNS, NameCheap, TDNAM, Afternic, Sedo and Domainsponsor) and diplayes the informaiton about your entire portfolio in one location.

Three Steps of Getting DNZoom going

I imagine that the registrars and parking companies will try to limit their offerings to their own, especially if they are going to give their product to their customer base for free. However you can often prove that you are the best by enabling your clients to compare.

Another question remains if domainers trust others with their sensitive data. ModernGigabyte has lots of experience in keeping data safe and private and has put a lot of that knowledge into this product, but some domainers might still prefer to handle this data in-house.

I for one think that this is just the first of many new tools that will help domainers manage their portfolios in a more automated fashion, which in turn will allow all of us to spend more time on sustaining and improving our businesses.
Find out more about the new product by visiting the Product Tour – you can also apply to be one of the 100 beta testers.

dnZoom screenshot1dnZoom screenshot2dnZoom screenshot3




June 18, 2007 @ 2:34 pm EDT

SWEET! I think this will be a great tool. I have used ModernBill and always thought it was a great tool for my business, I would love to have something like this to help me keep track of my domains. I have tried using an excel spreadsheet and some other tools (pencil and moleskine). But something that lets me connect all of the registrars and parking services together would be great! Too often I can’t get the analytics that would really help me get to the next level. When will the product be out of Beta? What will be the availability to people who use those registrars and parking providers?

I enjoy reading your blog – thanks for the updates and keep up the good work.

[…] A new domain portfolio and monetization management tool […]

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