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12|28|2012 11:15 pm EDT

Awesome Godaddy Groupon Deal $25 gets you $70 in credit

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous is running a pretty sweet deal.
Buy $70 worth of credits for $25 .  The deal ends Sunday at 12:00 AM

I purchased this deal myself and can tell you it applied a credit to my account. I was able to use it for renewals but the credit showed up in my account upon check out so I’m sure it could be used for any new registrations as well as any other Godaddy product. With the coupon, I renewed 10 names for roughly $2.90 each. Not bad.

A friend told me that he was able to use a .99 domain registration coupon code after he got this credit as well.  So just think about this math.  You buy $70 worth of credit for $25, then over the course of a year you use a .99 coupon each new registration.  You could feasibly end up with 70 new domains for $25 or roughly 25 cents per domain., always has it’s share of cheap domain name registration coupons out there on the web so for you extreme couponers this might not be a reach.  DomainShane posted 3 domain registrations codes for .99 today in fact.  I think this is a first for a domain registrar to run a Groupon deal and my hunch is that it won’t be the last.

My link is an affiliate link (if it’s even working correctly) so if you don’t want to share a little love search for the deal on Groupon or click here if you do.




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