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07|17|2007 11:51 pm EDT

Business 2.0 Faces Extinction

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous, News

Business2.0[ From the NYTimes ]

Business 2.0, the only magazine that covered the domain industry more than once and put a domainer on the cover, might cease to exist after it’s September issue. Slipping ad sales and waning interest in print magazine advertising overall seem to be the most to blame as Time, Inc consolidates several business publications under one “umbrella” sales force.

Writer Paul Sloan covered the internet industry for Business 2.0 and more specifically featured stories about domainers and the domain business and most recently Kevin Ham.

This is a bummer in some ways for domain owners since well researched mainstream coverage of the space might be limited in the future. However, Paul Sloan is sure to be writing elsewhere and other publications hopefully pick up on the story where B2.0 left off. The silver lining in this story for domainers is the story about slipping ad revenues that seem to be migrating away from the magazine world as well. We’ve heard about the slipping newspaper revenues, but the magazine stories are less common. I’m sure we can all guess where those ad dollars are headed.

Other stories have hinted that B2.0 will move to a digital only format. Makes sense to me to move it online, but call me old-fashioned, I still like print magazines. I like to have something in my hands that’s more portable than my laptop at the airport and in my “other office”. I also like the sharing aspect of magazines. I can pick one up and lend it to a friend like a book and not worry about losing it and I can read one at the doctors office. I also still print out stories that I find online as my eyes are wasted from being at the PC all day long scouring through domain lists (and writing). Losing print pubs makes me feel like an old geezer again. I can hear it now “Grandpa used to read his news printed on pieces of paper. Can you believe it? ” :)

Thanks to my pal Ahmed for pointing out the story at



Das Brain

July 18, 2007 @ 5:32 pm EDT

That’s too bad that Business 2.0 is not going to exist as a magazine anymore.
It’s definitely, a great magazine with lots of different business ideas, that is why I like it
It is one of my favourite magazines, my brother subsribes to it, and I always am anxious to take it off him after he is done. It’s going to be hard to find a magazine to replace Business 2.0


Das Brain

Oh…Hello Frank Michlick.

Frank Michlick

July 18, 2007 @ 7:37 pm EDT

Hello Das Brain – good to hear from you. Hope everything is fine.

I’ll miss business 2.0 as well, if it does disappear. But I’ll keep on reading their blog.

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