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09|07|2007 10:26 am EDT

Domain Name thief pleads guilty to wire fraud

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Miscellaneous, News

With more and more publicity for our industry other people become more and more aware to the value of domain names, which in turn of course also attracts crooks. So in this story, which was sent to us by Dan, via the Wired Blog Network.

David Dominic Scali from Las Vegas, NV sent emails to owners of typo-domains impersonating a California lawyer, threatening with $100,000 trademark infringement suits unless the domains were transfered to him within 48 hours.

Scali pleaded guilty to a single wire fraud charge in a Los Angeles federal court in regards to one case where a victim turned over a domain name similar to Scali intended to use the domains to make money, most likely by putting ads on the sites to show to visitors who got to the site by mistyping a domain name […].

While wire fraud charges carry a maximum of 20 years in the pokey, Scali’s plea bargain calls for the government to ask for a sentence of probation to six months. Scali will also face fines and will have his computer usage monitored during probation.

[via Wired Blog Network]


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