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04|18|2008 05:06 am EDT

Earthquake Wakes Up Illinois – 5.4 magnitude quake largest ever felt in midwest ?

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous, Up to the Minute

WOW ! I just woke up to an earthquake in my home town of Springfield, Illinois, 1 day before I leave for the earthquake capital of America (San Francisco, CA) to attend Domain Roundtable. According to the USGS the earthquake was a 5.4 magnitude centered at 38.501°N, 87.898°W which appears to be 173 miles from Springfield. I have a domainer friend in the Indianapolis area who also is reporting feeling the quake . AMAZING !! an earthquake in Illinois. It probably means nothing to some of you southern California people, but this is definitely odd for the midwest. There’s been a few quakes in Illinois but none I can remember feeling like this.

Sorry, anyway this isn’ t really domain name news but it’s not on popping on Google so it sure does make for good up to the minute stuff.

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