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07|27|2007 04:48 pm EDT

Entrepreneur – Domains and “Personal Brand” Protection

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

Caught this little snippet in Entrepreneur Magazine today

Personal-branding guru William Arruda says that in today’s increasingly web-oriented business world, if you don’t show up in a Google search of your name, you don’t exist. Arruda and co-author Kirsten Dixson discuss how to build your personal brand online–and why it’s crucial that you do so–in their new book, Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand.

Entrepreneur: What can business owners do if they don’t “Google” well?

William Arruda: The first thing is [to buy] your domain name because if the thing you’re searching for is the same as a domain name, it shows up [first]. Buy your kids’ domain names right away–in the future, that’s how we’ll find people and communicate.

This is great to see in a national publication, but it seems pretty “no-brainer” to me. Recently, the Conceptulaist Blog had a post similar to this just about “Your Name = Your Brand”, and  Frank Schilling and Isabel Wang talked about Godaddy’s marketing campaign geared toward people buying personal domains as baby gifts.  With this push, both via company marketing and mainstream media, I think we’ll see owning your .com namesake become a pretty standard practice.  I’m surprised it’s taken this long.

On a personal note, I had to wait for my .com namesake to expire from a Korean registrant a few years back. A friend registered it as a practical joke and then let it expire and adrop-chaser picked it up.  I’ve pulled the same practical joke on a fellow domainer, Dave Evanson, by grabbing  When my wife and I recently had our first child, I made sure the .com of his name was available before we named him, not the other way around.  :) This is 2007 and it’s pretty obvious if you are serious about protecting and controlling what’s published online about yourself, you should have your own personal .com address or someone else eventually will .
I feel sorry for all the John Smiths out there.


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