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12|31|2012 06:56 pm EDT

Godaddy Groupon Deal Almost Over

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

Update on the Groupon Deal.   Yea we’re going there. . . . one last time because the savings is pretty hard to beat.
The deal has a few more hours left in a few different cities still in the US.  I can also confirm that you can buy these deals from multiple cities.  I’ve bought a few from each city and was able to apply them to my account.  Some people have reported buying from over 50 cities.  That’s huge savings!

These cities were still open for deals as of this writing.

las vegas
sioux falls
south bend

Replace the link below with the city above and you can buy more than one deal.
If you want to give a little credit to someone, would appreciate it but I have no idea if our affiliate link is working.

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  • Spike

    Redeem page not longer working…at least for me

  • Spike

    Now it works…great deal!

  • Mr. X

    I am too late for this deal of GROUPON ?
    Is there anybody who has bought such deals and would sell some to me ?