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07|28|2007 02:35 am EDT

Is Someone Messing With Dan Warner ?

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous, Registrars

Dan WarnerContinuing on the theme of personal names as .com domains, it appears that there was a recent auction for the domain name at’s Club Drop auctions. Based on the DomainTools whois history, it appears the domain was registered at to a Dan Warner from New York, not to be confused with the similary named COO of

The auction appears to have ended with a bid of $240, but it also appears that it was ended early. The date tagged on the auction says that the auction was to end on July 31st but at the top there is a graphic saying “This auction is CLOSED. No bids will be accepted for this auction.” I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the Enom people made a gesture of goodwill and ended the auction early and possibly gave the domain to Dan Warner at Fabulous.

Who knows, maybe some savvy domainer picked up the domain to create a Dan Warner’s Graphs and Charts Fan Club site.

[Found on DomainState post by Juniper Park]

Image from ICANNwiki



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