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07|20|2007 01:05 pm EDT – Your Army of Human Name Spinners

by James M. Woods in Categories: Miscellaneous

PickyDomains is a new Domain sourcing service released a few months ago which aims to make brainstorming for a new domains easier by utilizing what it claims are 17 Domainers from around the world. Using the service appears pretty easy and as far as naming a new startup goes it might be a great value at $50 at name. Traditional Domainers might find that a little steep.

For the uninitiated, finding a name for a new startup can be a frustrating experience. So enacting the wisdom of Domainers is an innovative approach and the best part is that if the Picky Domainers don’t present you with a name that rings your bell, you get your $50 back. The site lists some example domains that have been chosen by the service and frankly some are really great.

The $50 is split between PickyDomains and the Domainer who’s name was chosen, which must work on a first submitted basis for those times when two or more Domainers submit the same domain.

The service works by first depositing your $50 fee, describing what you intend your site to do or be about. Domain attributes like number of letters and words, dashes, slang, TLD etc. are also captured. From there the information is sent to their Domainers for submissions. Submissions are then sent to you via email. When you see a domain you would like to register you do so at your registrar of choice and notify PickyDomains which one you chose. Then then compensate their Domainer Partner. I see some potential holes in this method with regards to the honor system but nothing insurmountable.

I loved this testimonial from everyone’s favorite tech curmudgeon John C Dvorak!

“Just from the few names that’s you’ve dreamed up I can see your problem. You are too friggin cheap to be taken seriously. A couple of your names if sold by a consulting firm would have fetched $10,000 plus…and I’m not kidding.”

But wait there’s more! This is where it gets interesting. They have open auditions for more Domainers to join. So if you want to contribute you can. Not sure if you need to present your secret Domainer club card (I kid, you don’t) but it only stands to reason that the more heads and suggestions you put to it, the better the quality.

Another interesting twist to this model is that PickyDomains clearly states that they will review the list of suggestions and from those that are not chosen and of good quality, will be registered by PickyDomains for resale on Sedo etc. In those cases the contributor will get a less than 50% change (to account for Broker fees etc) but in some cases this could turn out to be more than the $25 you’d get for a retail name that was chosen.

Finally PickyDomains currently has a promotion that will give you a free round of domain picks if you blog about their service. Great offer and a greater way to kick the tires.




July 20, 2007 @ 1:38 pm EDT

Hey guys the link tag to the site is misspelled in the article. I am sure someone will register the domain now :)

Frank Michlick

July 20, 2007 @ 1:51 pm EDT

Thanks Craig, I’ve corrected the link.

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July 23, 2007 @ 6:31 am EDT

Have they relaunched this service? It was very quiet at the end of April when I joined up…just wondering why it’s being reported as released last week?

James M Woods

July 24, 2007 @ 12:42 pm EDT

Thanks Amos, you’re correct they did launch in early Spring. Post ammended! Cheers


March 21, 2008 @ 10:47 am EDT

PickyDomains is Risk Free !

That’s FALSE !!!

I submitted many domains to this website and most of them was stolen and never been paid, the buyer register the domains and flag them as disliked, so he get many domain ideas and don’t pay for any or just one, the other.

So one Advice, AVOID this website, go and register the domain your self and sell it on some marketplaces it’s better and can reward you more.

The idea behind this website is to steal your IDEAS, and when i contacted the owner of that website with some evidences, he told me this :

“These are both not very valuable generic domain names. Most likely there were registered before and ended up on expired domain lists and then someone re-registered them.”

while the domain was registered two days after i have submitted them to that website and never been registered before !!! refering to

Scammer should be punished.

Frank Michlick

March 21, 2008 @ 2:19 pm EDT

The author probably meant that it was risk free to the buyer ;-)

Of course what you are saying may be a risk if you are on the other side submitting domain suggestions on this site. If I remember correctly the terms and conditions even state that PickyDomains reserves the right to register some domains rejected by the person who placed the order in their own name, but they do say they’d give the person who suggested the name a cut of the revenue should the name be sold at a later time.


Ruth E

July 31, 2008 @ 10:03 am EDT

I totally agree with Anwar after finding out that 2 of my domain names were stolen and registered – I was furious – one was definately done by a client of picky domains the other one however was registered by godaddy the same site that sponsors or is connected to Picky domains (is that a coincidence or what???) – did I see a cent – no. When I complained I also was told about it being generic but of course it was registered a couple of days after I submitted the name – it stinks – I have yet to find many people who actually do get paid by Picky Domains – a search on google uncovered a few other disullioned souls. The few positives I read are probably from the website owner.
Keep your great ideas to yourself and register them as soon as you do a domain search otherwise someone else surely will and they will sell if for thousands and you will be none the wiser.
Give Picky a miss – trust me.

My friend was also in Picky Domains and demanded to know why her 2 suggestions were registered and she wasnt paid – Picky then reluctantly paid her for one. She didnt suggest anymore names after that…..its a waste of time.


April 11, 2012 @ 10:45 am EDT stinks…..I wouldn’t recommend anyone using this site….They don’t have a limit on the number of entries that you can submit, however if the creator just doesn’t want to take the time to read all of your submissions they simply ban you from submitting to their contest and mark all of your entries as disliked….the whole purpose of the site is to help the creator come up with good domain names related to their chosen business…but they don’t seem to actually want to give consideration to the entries that they receive…..I submit to these types of contests all the time and have had much greater success with my entries from other sites that pay alot more then does….Yet has allowed contest creators to ban me twice from entering their specific contests…..My submissions are always professional and verified that they are available….but like I said if you submit alot of entries, the contest creator will ban you for no reason….So my suggestion to anyone considering this site is not to waste your valuable time with this site….It will only bring you frustrations…..There are plenty of other good sites out there….Do your research! :)


November 5, 2012 @ 1:03 am EDT

Hi to people out there who view Pickydomains as a scam site.
I do submit my suggestions as a contributor and definitely the good work is getting paid. My entries were selected and pickydomains made a clear intimation to credit the amount in my account and it did happen.

And without any valid and correct data to back , it is not fair to judge a start up just because your names were registered. World is so huge and so many people must have had your own thoughts probably. So its always possible that it had happened by chance or accidentally that the same name you had suggested came into the minds of other people as well.

Anyway this information is to just give people a confidence and a ray of hope for the fact that Pickydomains do acknowledge your work and it does pay you back if the client selects your suggestion.


January 26, 2014 @ 2:11 pm EDT

I started contributing to Picky Domains a few months ago, and just recently, I checked 2 of my contributions and it appears the domain names I submitted have now been taken. I never was paid by Picky Domains & the 2 accounts I submitted my suggestions to, have now “paused” or “stopped” their account with Picky Domains. So what does one do in this instance?? Does this happen often? Is there any recourse I can take?

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