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09|11|2007 11:18 pm EDT

Price Increases in Expiring Domain Marketplace

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket, Miscellaneous, News

snap logoSeems Frank and  Bonkers have pointed out something that has seemingly slipped under the radar of most domainers. Snapnames, more specifically their partners, have cranked up the initial bid prices to enter into the auctions for expiring domains. NetworkSolutions has cranked prices up from $60 to $99 in most cases. I noticed this a week ago, as I started receiving emails from Snapnames informing me that my bids on several names were under the starting reserve price. These emails were sent out as a warning to bidders that put domains in to the SnapNames system in advance of the price changes.

I emailed my contacts at SnapNames on Sept 3 to see if I was asleep at the wheel and missed an announcement or if this was something that just occured. He responded letting me know that the price changes had been announced on the site but the announcement was no longer on the site. . . . It looks like a lot of people missed this. Since I’m pretty busy I figured it was just me but from the responses I’ve heard and seen this was news that was slipped by quite a few people. My contact informed me that Directi and others dropped prices to $59 while Moniker/MIT raised their prices to $79 and NSI raised their starting prices to $99. Bonkers outlines in his post the other registrar prices.

These prices are pretty steep jumps. Looks like NSI’s new management has gotten a little greedy. . . and why not this is probably one of their easiest revenue streams to tap. This is no surprise really since they have one of the biggest inventory of expiring domains, with Godaddy the only real challenger in volume. NSI having the leg up in more of the “aged domains” coming up for expiration. I would think we can expect similar price movements across other expiring domain platforms as other registrars “dip their feet in the pool” to see what the market will bear. This isn’t the first price movement in the expiring domain market, but it’s been awhile. The people this will impact the most are the big bidders like, Frank and Bonkers who bid on a large volume of domains daily at SnapNames.

Note : Like two other business associates (Brian and Frank), I’m in the middle of a move. I have been paying attention to the drop game as best I can. Chasing domains in between juggling boxes. What a pain in the butt ! . . . Anyway, I hope to come out with some more posts in the next few days to get back in the swing.


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Marketing Lane

September 19, 2007 @ 3:03 pm EDT

I am a little lat eon this news too. I just went through a move and things have finally settled down. I just logged in and to my surprise the initial bids were 99 for almost all the domains I was looking at. Thats more than a 50% jump off the old price.

I would love to know how this is impacting the average dabbler in this stuff as well as the big boys who buy on volume. I have seen bonkers in so many auctions its crazy.

I didn’t see this either and was taken a little off guard.

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