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07|24|2007 10:17 am EDT Looking Back

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

This “ancient” story hit my inbox from Google Alerts. . . . no clue why this is an alert, but sometimes it’s fun to look back at older domain name news and read what the old guard media thinsk . . . plus I’m still in Chicago at the HostingCon events, so I’ll tide you over for a bit.

Here’s the article link. It’s filled with juicy quotes like this

The result: The once-fierce pace of domain name registration is slowing. In the last month, only about 100 new dictionary-word .com domains have been snatched up.

Remember this was 1999. .. fast-forward to today and the numbers tell a different story

The investigation also revealed some glitches in the domain name database maintained by Network Solutions.

Say it isn’t so. NSI had issues in 1999 ?


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Frank Michlick

July 24, 2007 @ 9:03 pm EDT

I subscribed to Wired back in the day, and even before that in Germany I tried to get a copy whenever I could… Ah, the memories. Wish I’d been registering more names back then though ;-)

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