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04|20|2012 03:19 pm EDT

Pool Releases Digital Archery Game for new TLD Applicants

by Frank Michlick in Categories: new gTLDs

Digital Archery Game at Pool
And while we’re all waiting on ICANN to bring back the TLD Application System (TAS), has released a game to promote their Digital Archery service. The game sets a time 10 seconds from the current  time and wants you to guess the the time is up.

Pool’s Digital Archery service aims for new TLD applicants to hit their predicted time in the next phase after the application phase. The applicants who are closest to their predicted time will be batched int he first batch of applications, if there are over 500 TLD applications – which is likely.

Comparable to their drop catching model, taking a shot with’s Digital Archery Engine is free. The fees are entirely based on the company’s success:

  • Top Batch: $25,000
  • Top 50% of Batches: $10,000
  • Bottom 50% of Batches: NO FEE


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