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06|13|2012 06:11 pm EDT

Revelations of new gTLDs drive domain purchases

by Adam Strong in Categories: new gTLDs

On news of the applicants for new gTLDs today, speculators were still alive and well.  It appears that some in the domain space saw value in registering  .com domains that included the word “dot” and the TLD.  It’s unclear if all of these new registrations were speculators as some could be new TLD applicants.

At the time of this writing, a small handful of “dotTLD” domain name registrations were grabbed up in .com including domains that are brand oriented.  The list is below : and were registered yesterday

Surprisingly, there are over 500 corresponding .com domains that were not registered. After this post, I’m sure many will be snapped up quickly.  Anyone got a godaddy coupon code ;)  >>>  Rest of the list published after “Continue Reading”


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